Thursday, May 31, 2012

Isle Media Turns One Today!!!

On May 31, 2011, Isle Media LLC was founded by Alan Sangpan with the intention of bringing a fresh vision to the local wedding industry. Today marks our 1 year anniversary, and we want to extend a BIG mahalo to everyone who have helped us get to this point! Family, friends, clients, industry partners, you all have made this possible for us! It's been a truly amazing experience, from meeting couples at the expos, to traveling inter-island for destination weddings, to undertaking creative projects with local artists. 
Tonight is our premier you may have heard earlier, there is no admission :) We are covering it as a thank you for everyone's support over the past 12 months. Please come, and enjoy a behind the scenes look at our company, as well as our industry partners! Hope to see you there!!

-the Isle Media team

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isle Media Goes to Las Vegas!!

When Isle Media received the call that we were getting booked for our first mainland destination wedding ever and going to Vegas, we were thrilled. One of my all time wedding destinations I've always wanted to shoot was in..... Las Vegas. What came to mind were... lights. High rises. Concrete. Much different than the Oahu mountains, ocean, and warm weather we were accustomed to.
Immediately upon meeting Marcela and Gabriel for the first time, we could tell already that they were on FIRE in love. It was so fun to shoot around the city, couple times while going through the casinos we passed by security...and finally got ordered to stop when we were already done with the shoot. : ) ...Another pleasant surprise was that Las Vegas has a very long and dramatic sunset...lens flare for days!
Congratulations Marcela and Gabriel!
Alan (shooter, edit, blog), Jack (shooter)

Here's some quick snapshots of us over in Vegas :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Before and After: Bridal Hair and Makeup!

Hello everyone, Zairrah here! Thank you for following and keeping up with what's been going on through our blog!  Here you will find some makeup, before and after photos of our past and future brides and bridesmaids.  Check out some hair and makeup styles perfect for a summer wedding or any special occasion!

Makeup: Softly smoked eyes, defined eyebrows, and glossy lips creates a great look for any season. 
Airbrush Foundation:  Used to minimize skin imperfections while giving it a beautifully natural finished looking result.  Great for HD video and photos. 
Hair: A sweet style!  Soft waves and layers around the face and sides to add shape and definition. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kelsey and Peter Engaged!

Kelsey and I have been close friends since middle school. Several months ago, when I saw her FB status change to "engaged," I could hardly believe it...Kelsey is really getting married?!!

Kelsey and Peter flew in to Oahu earlier this week to prep for their wedding tomorrow, so I was able to squeeze in an engagement session with them. I've always wanted to do an e-session at Ward Center...I love the look and diversity of the area, particularly from a photographer's perspective. Kelsey and Peter were down for my urban idea, so we met up on Monday and walked around the area, shooting wherever struck our fancy. I'm telling you, these two laugh and smile so much, it's contagious :D

Editing style of these photos were inspired by Mabel's vintage e-session :)

The big day is tomorrow...can't believe how fast time flies. So proud of you two!

-Reese (photography)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rhinestones and Roses

"Do you want coffee or sugar free redbull?" were Shannon's first words to the crew and I as we stepped into their hotel room at 5:30AM. Running on only a few hours of sleep ourselves, we kicked it into high gear as we prepared ourselves mentally for the day ahead of us. It's always fun when your friends are getting married. And its a privledge when they ask you to film for their wedding day. Over the years I have known Ryan, he has maintained the reputation for keeping his emotions together with his stone cold face (lol), but he surprised all of us as he wept during his ceremony as they shared their personal vows. Lucky for him, his loving brother rescued him with tissue! We were so fortunate we were able to capture these brief but sentimental moments. Congratulations to you both Shannon and Ryan! Be sure to also check out their engagement video, below! Alan (edit, blog), Jack (lead shooter), Michael/Glenn (shooters)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mabel and Chad Engaged!!

When Alan and I met Mabel for her wedding consultation, she already knew the themes she wanted in her engagement session: rustic and vintage. Mabel also came up with the idea of bringing a giant yellow balloon to her e-session...just cause :) After some careful planning and coordination, we finally got together and made Mabel's vision a reality.

You will notice that the images from this engagement shoot look different from our typical photos, both in texture and color. For Mabel's shoot, I decided to create a custom vintage/film preset in my editing to compliment her images, and although it was a good amount of work to get the look just right, I am so incredibly happy with how they came out! This is the extent to which we are willing to adapt our style to our client's needs, so for you prospective clients out there, we are all ears to your ideas :)

Mabel and Chad were a ton of fun to work with, as you'll see in the images!

Thanks for reading!

-Reese (photography)
-Michael (video)
-Zairrah (makeup & assistant)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"...this was from your grandmother"

Zeran's wedding day started as a very emotional one. "This was from your grandmother. She wanted you to have this. Out of all the rings, this one was the best. " One of the most honest moments we have ever shot, these feelings and emotions were captured forever through video. Zeran being the third cousin from a series of three weddings we have been afforded the opportunity to shoot for (Ka'eolani & Justin / Vera & David), we felt already very close to working with them being as though we have met their family several times this year. : )
As we spent the entire day with Zeran and Waipa, we truly rode the emotional roller coaster with them from their tears, to smiles and laughter. And of course .... we had to incorporate a little of their dance floor moves. :)
Thank you and congratulations!
Alan (edit, blog), Trevor (lead shooter), Glenn (shooter)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jocelyn & RJ Engaged!!

Over the past few months, I had exchanged so many emails and phone calls with Jocelyn and RJ that I felt I practically knew them, before even meeting them in person! Being from California, the couple didn't get a chance to have a traditional wedding consultation, so everything was done via email and phone call. It's amazing how much of a couple's personality can come across through these mediums :) When RJ and Jocelyn decided to plan a quick trip to Hawaii for the main reason of doing their engagement shoot with our team, I was extremely stoked and honored! I'll always remember when RJ and Jocelyn got out of the car at the Ward Warehouse parking lot right before the e-session and both gave me big hugs, saying "Hey Reese!! It's so great to finally meet you!"

The theme for their wedding is "Destination Wedding," so to keep with the concept, we decided to do the shoot at Magic Island for the variety of backgrounds and sunset. Jocelyn and RJ were an absolute joy to work with...very easy going, and completely comfortable with each other in front of the camera. RJ had some hilariously cheesy rhymes he cooked up that kept the energy quite high throughout the shoot :)

This e-session was a true team effort:
Engagement video: Alan & Michael
Zairrah: Makeup & Photo assistant
Photography: Reese

Congratulations again to Jocelyn and RJ! We're so excited to shoot your wedding this summer!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aaron and Joy do the Tango

Typically during a client meeting, one of my first questions is if there will be any special performances or moments that we should know about.  Joy mentioned to me that Aaron under no circumstances will dance.   The big wedding surprise was what you will see at the end of this video.  : )

Congratulations to Joy and Aaron.  Enjoy!

Alan (edit), Trevor/Jack (shooters)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Here's a quick sneak peak from Mabel and Chad's engagement shoot! It was overcast for a good part of the shoot, so I was very lucky to get a few minutes of warm, afternoon sun when we decided to shoot in the forest. You will see some new editing styles from this shoot...Mabel was going for a vintage and rustic look, and I decided to create some custom editing profiles to compliment the images I excited to show them to your guys so stay tuned!


P.S And yes, that is a yellow balloon that Mabel is holding :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alisha and Sean Engaged!!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love engagement sessions! Having the opportunity to work closely with a couple on a fun and creative shoot, without the pressure of the wedding day affords me much room to experiment with ideas and concepts, while getting to know the couple on a personal level, both of which are key when the actual wedding day comes around. Alisha and Sean were a little nervous in the beginning of the session, but once we began to joke around and talk story, they loosened up quickly and we had a blast! The weather was kinda iffy, with passing showers, but I managed to make it work to my advantage (you'll see at the end of this post hehe).

Alisha and Sean, thank you for an awesome session! You guys were great sports, climbing up trees and hills (Alisha had heels on) in addition to the finale rain shot at the end :) Excited to document you guys tying the knot in July!

Reese (photography), Zairrah (makeup/hair)

P.S For you photo enthusiasts out there, the image above is a panorama of 12 images stitched together, using the Brenizer Method :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love With No Barriers

Vanessa and JP, who flew in from Hong Kong to have their wedding at the Four Seasons in Kona, gave us the rare opportunity to have the creative independence to run completely wild with our imaginations. To earn that level of trust with a client was a really big deal to us. We knew we had to deliver.
Trevor, Jack and I were flown into Kona, Big Island the night prior and storyboarded the entire concept behind JP and Vanessa's shoot. First on the list. Lock in on a song. Lykke Li's "Love out of Lust" was our #1 choice, as it brought a very intimate, very seductive mood, while being exceptionally magical and romantic. We wanted a song that was very contemporary while still being able to pass as somewhat traditional for a wedding song. We were happy when Vanessa and JP approved of our choice.
Our next decision was the ditch the "wedding template" concept entirely. The story begins with Vanessa and JP together, but physically apart.... they are thinking about each other even although the other one was not there. If you watch the first 60 seconds closely, you'll notice that we actually filmed their parts separately, as they did not see each other the entire morning. Vanessa was stunning in front of the camera and knew exactly what expressions to make while we were filming but said...."Normally I am shy and mousy," Vanessa laughed "But when there is a camera infront of me I can turn on a completely different side of my personality."
For the first look we wanted to try something dramatic. No tapping on the shoulder, awkward blank stare, giggle. We decided that we would utilize a wooden door to be the barrier that was separating them from being together. So the door opened and there she was! JP was brought nearly to tears. The video continued with a glimpse of the evening ceremony, gorgeous sweeping sunsets and lights. Peaks of expression and emotion throughout.
We love the Four Season's hotel! Our video was projected onto a gigantic cinema screen that dropped from the ceiling. What a surreal way to end the night for all of us.
Trevor/Jack (shooters), Alan (editor, blog)
Harold/Krista (photography by

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magic Hour and Magic Island

Whew! Our blog has been crazy this week...6 consecutive days of posting! Wedding season is kicking into high gear for us, so much more to come! Here's a sneak peak from Jocelyn and RJ's recent e-session...gotta love Magic Hour at Magic Island :)

Happy Saturday everyone!! 

-Reese (photography), Zairrah (makeup & assistant)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vera and David: Kauaiian at Heart

Lush green mountains, blue skies, fresh water ponds ...oh and lets not forget those.... peacocks.. come to mind when I now think of Kauai. This past weekend, Isle Media had the luxury of traveling to an outer island to capture the celebration of marriage between Vera and David.

Country music seems to be the running theme with our most recent weddings, which I have to say... brings a slight challenge in editing at times.... : ) Country, typically known to be slow to get going before it eventually reaches its climatic point, would be a good analogy to Vera and David's relationship. Gradual and patient. Vera mentioned how their hometown of Kauai is something they both had in common and their relationship dated as far back as their high school days. "I knew she loved me since she first met me" David told us.
Enjoy their highlight reel!

Jack (shooter, edit), Alan (shooter, blog), Prince/Michael (shooters)

  1. Vera & David Engagement from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kanpai for A New Life!

Destination wedding is very popular all over the world - and as you probably know, Hawaii is one of the most popular places! Isle Media works with both local and non-local couples, including ones from overseas. Every time I receive inquiries from bride/groom-to be, I always tell them that they are so lucky to be having their special day in beautiful Hawaii :-) Yuki and Yoshitaka inquired us from Japan, who made their dream wedding in Hawaii come true. I was very fortunate to capture their wedding day in my camera :-)

After getting ready in their hotel in Waikiki, they moved to Ko Olina in a limo (first time riding a limo!).  Lanikuhonua has been a very popular wedding venue lately, with its beautiful green grass and beach at a lagoon. If you are seeking for a nice sunset shot, remember that Ko Olina has a spectacular sunset!

It was very fun to work with Yuki and Yoshitaka, and their family and friends all from Japan :-) Every body was so happy to be there. Surrounded by lots of smiles and laughter, they became a wife and husband forever! Happy happy wedding :D

Photographer: Kay
(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

ご結婚おめでとうございます!ご参列頂いたみなさまの笑顔に囲まれて、とっても心温まる結婚式でした。ワイキキでの撮影の後はリムジンでコオリナへ移動。コオリナは緑に囲まれている一方でビーチエリアもあって、色々な風景とお写真が撮れる素敵なロケーションなので、オアフで一番好きな撮影場所です:-) 結婚式の日のハイライトお写真を、どうぞお楽しみください!

(全てのお写真を見るには、"Read more"をクリックして下さい)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Formals: Jackie and Cole Style :)

As you can see in the montage above, Jackie and Cole were an unbelievably fun couple to work with :) (If you missed their engagement session, be sure to check it out here!) Both can be total goofballs, so during formals, instead of having them do the typical "smile-at-the-camera" photos, I decided to take an alternative route, and asked them to make faces and goof off in front of the camera. The montage above is only tip of the iceberg: each of them made around 20 different faces...I was laughing so much that after a while, it became a challenge to keep the camera steady lol.

Stay tuned for a full post from their wedding!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Isle Media Teams up with Paul Brown!

One of the biggest compliments next to being booked for someone's wedding day is when a successful, well-known business invites you to film for their brand. Paul Brown, founder of Hawaii's leading hair and day spa, has over 34 years of experience in the beauty industry. Paul Brown has created unique hair and wellness products reaching multiple continents including the Americas, Europe and Asia. In addition to his franchise of salons in the Hawaiian Islands, Paul has established "The Paul Brown Institute of Beauty and Wellness Technologies," that teaches massage and beauty services. His schools are employed by nearly 300 people.

This highlight reel is comprised of footage taken from a 4 day campaign, showcasing the variety of themes and looks that has inspired his new product line coming soon.



Alan (shooter, edit, blog), Trevor/Jack (shooters)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love for the Parents!

Isle Media offers an in-person consultation when people contact us for our photography, videography, and make-up services. For this wedding, Crystal contacted us and we met up for a consultation.

     Kay: "So, tell me about your wedding plan!" 
     Crystal:"This is actually for my dad :-)"

Crystal came over to see me for her dad's wedding. She told me how important it was to have me shoot their wedding pictures for Polesi and Lasi, and that was her wedding gift to them. I was so touched when I was talking with Crystal, learning how much she loves her dad. I love how much Ohana matters especially to local Hawaiian people - coming from Tokyo (with a typical big city mentality), I am learning the beauty of family love I encounter in Hawaii every day!

Here are some highlight pictures from Polesi & Lasi's wedding!

Please enjoy! (Click "Read more" to see more pictures).


Photography: Kay

Bridal Party Entrance 101

Renee and Jason encompass everything Isle Media is about. They are fun, they are hip, they know how to dress, and they sure know how to dance. This is a teaser trailer that is going to make you want more (and there's lot more of it!) . Coming soon!

Videography: Isle Media : Alan, Trevor and Glenn
Photography: Christie Pham
Event Coordinators : Finishing Touch: Tristan
Venue: Lanikuhonua
DJ: Troy Michael Wedding DJ

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photography Premier Shoot!

Whew, tons of editing lately, but I finally got a chance to post this shoot up! Although weddings are my professional emphasis, I also do creative work with models on the side, to push my lighting and location work. A few weeks ago, I was able to tap into this creative side when Kay and I did a concept shoot with Alexis, a good friend of mine who is also an agency model. This shoot was for our photography promo video, which will be featured at the May 31st premier! Alan and Jack filmed the shoot, and Zairrah did make up, so it was truly a team effort! The theme for this shoot was fluidity and motion, and I wanted a location that would make a good backdrop and also provide the wind I needed to carry Alexis' dress. Kakaako park fit the bill perfectly, and ended up giving us some great light and wind for the shoot.

For those of you attending our May 31st premier, look out for footage from this shoot! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Photography: Reese & Kay
Make up: Zairrah
Video: Alan & Jack