Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michelle and Joe Married!!

Michelle and Joe Same-Day-Edit Video & Photo (Makena Beach Resort, Maui) from Isle Media on Vimeo.
Michelle and Joe are both long time followers of our work, and it was awesome to document their big day at Makena Resort on Maui! The wedding was full of memorable details, from the guri guri and gift presentation of glass beakers (Joe broke Michelle's beakers in school), to Joe's Audio Technica headphones while he got dressed. Oh, and Michelle decided not to take Joe's last name (Kwan) for obvious reasons lol. The reception was full of laughter and dancing, and "Gangam Style" and "Cupid Shuffle" proved to get people out of their seats and rock out on the dance floor.

We surprised Joe and Michelle with a Same Day Edit, and the debut of our new service, Same Day Photo! Check out both pieces for the full experience :)

Congratulations you two!!

-Reese (photography, blog) | Kay (photography) Lester (SDP Edit)
-Jack, Michael (videography) | Alan (SDE)

-Zairrah (hair/makeup)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mahina and TJ Wedding Highlights! (Koolau, Kaneohe)

Mahina and TJ had a gorgeous wedding that took place in the lush greenery of Koolau Golf Course, Kaneohe. It was obvious by the emotion during their ceremony, that this was a long awaited day for these two. We were so happy to be the ones to have captured it!
Trevor, Zak // Videography

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love in Hilo

Every now and then, I have the privilege to shoot a wedding for a friend. In Elena and Ian's case, both are my friends from college so to document their wedding day in Hilo, this past weekend was really special :)

Click the image above for a larger view. More to come later! 

Happy Tuesday!

-Reese (photography, blog)

Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Isle Media Fall Wedding Compilation

2012 was an incredible year for Isle Media.  Our goal was to shoot 50 weddings.  We ended up shooting 125. As we take a look back at what we've seen and accomplished in just the last 6 months, we can only be thankful to all of the wonderful couples we met, the privilege of having traveled to some of the most exquisite venues in Hawaii, as well as the opportunity of capturing moments of a lifetime.

This is the final installment of a 4-part compilation series.  To truly appreciate this video and to see the progression of our style and growth, please check our previous collections below.  As past compilations have been themed around eloquent romance, this video is about raw fun and pure happiness.   As you can see from our couples' candidness they are oozing joy and love.  We hope that this video puts a smile on your face as well.

1st Collection (Summer 2011)
2nd Collection (Fall 2011)
3rd Collection (Spring 2012)
4th Collection (Fall 2012)   (This video)

Thank you!
Alan and the entire Isle Media Team.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Erica & PJ Married!

Erica & PJ flew from Japan for their private beach wedding. They wanted to do something special for themselves and Erika's family from Japan and Canada, so they chose Waimanalo beach for their ceremony location. In the middle of the ceremony, rain came to celebrate their new life as husband and wife - and after, the sun followed the rain for nice beach shots :-)

Congratulations and have a happy life together!

- Kay (photography/blog)

(Click "Read More" to see more photos after the Japanese text.)


- Kay (カメラ&ブログ)
(もっとお写真を見るには、"Read More"をクリックして下さい)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bridal Makeup Before & After

Here is a before and after picture of our bride, Sunh.  Simple yet elegant.  
Please stay tuned more blog post and pictures of her behind-the-scenes.  

Sunh and her bridesmaids.

Thanks for looking :)

-Zairrah (Lead Stylist)

Photos by Reese

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jane and Raynard Married!!

Jane & Raynard Same-Day-Edit (Honolulu, Oahu) from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Jane and Ray's wedding was full of color, details, and laughter (see if you can guess what Jane's favorite color is hehe). The wedding had a 50's theme, so everything from the bride & bridesmaids' styling, to the reception music, had a classic vintage feel to it. Ray surprised Jane and sang to her at the reception in front of 400+ guests, and the whole wedding party did a catchy dance to "We Go Together" from Grease! It was great time with lots of company :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog), Kay (photography)
-Alan, Jack, Travis (videography & SDE)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nina and Andy Married

Nina and Andy's wedding day was personal on many levels because I got to witness their beginning a new couple dating; this story goes back three years to when I first met her.  She planned a monthly slam poetry event where I served as the designated photographer.  Over time Nina would bring Andy and after meeting him and seeing how he held himself I was quick to tell Nina that he was good people and to not let this one go.  The wedding took place at Sunset Ranch in Haleiwa and though it rained heavily it did not disrupt their special day.  The festivities went on and Andy went on with his antics to lighten the mood especially during their ceremony where he asked the official if it was okay to kiss Nina yet.  It was a night to remember for me because as a wedding photographer you become part of the lives of people you photograph on their special day.  Such was the case for Nina and Andy's special day for me because I was there at the start and I was there for their new beginning.  Nina, Andy, when you read this I hope it shares how honored I am to be your chosen wedding photographer.

Photography/Blog: Lester

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kaena Silva's "On My Own" ft. Ashely Lilinoe!

Supporting local artists!
KidK Album out now worldwide!
Instagram @ kidkaena

KidK performing "On My Own" 2012 HWB Entertainment © All rights reserved

The Debut Single from the new album from KidK "Life in My Eye$"
Written and Produced by Kaena Silva
Featuring AshleyLilinoe
Videography by Isle Media

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jayme and Jeremy Same-Day-Edit (Moana Surfrider, Waikiki)

Jayme and Jeremy executed their entire wedding at the Moana Surfrider Hotel (and we finally were able to shoot inside of their chapel!). In this piece we really wanted to highlight Jayme and Jeremy's bubbly personalities. It's funny how even after months and months of interacting with clients, you don't get to see this side of them until its their wedding day and then everything just comes out. We really love it when couples show their human side during their wedding vows too ( you'll just have to watch the highlight and see what I am talking about , lol).

When we are in same-day-edit mode we are on the hunt for anything that can trigger an emotional reaction from the reception whether it be tears...or laughter.... which in Jayme and Jeremy's case, we were able to successfully achieve both.

Congratulations you two!
Videography: Alan, Jack
SDE: Trevor

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes at the 2013 Hawaii Bridal Expo!

Here's some BTS photos of us at the 2013 Hawaii Bridal Expo! We had a double booth this year, and we eager to try out a simpler, cleaner layout and look. Yesterday was the largest turnout we've ever seen on a Friday at the expo, and today had a steady stream of people throughout the day :)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth so far! For those of you who are coming tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you!

-Reese (photography, blog)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Malissa and Zak's Wedding Ceremony (Waialae, Oahu)

Malissa and Zak Ceremony Only Coverage (Waialae Beach Park, Oahu) from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Sometimes, weddings are just best when you keep it simple. Malissa and Zak reserved us only for a few hours, and we were able to capture quite a lot! It was clear in their first look, how thrilled these two were to get married to one another.
Thank you for having us. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to be part of it!
(two service package)
Videography : Trevor
Hair/Make-up : Zairrah

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mayumi and Curtis Married!

While many of our couples meet through mutual friends, Mayumi and Curtis had the unique beginnings of meeting each other at the bust stop :) The couple chose the last repeating date for their wedding...12/12/12! The couple tied the knot at Central Union Church, complete with an interview from Ben Gutierrez of KGMB News for the special day. Reception was at the Hawaii State Art Museum, and was filled with lots of laughter and dancing :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Kay (photography)
-Lester (lighting assist)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Midori & Satoru's Honeymoon!

Midori and Satoru came to Hawaii for their wedding and honeymoon, and wanted me to capture a day of them hanging out in town! They are a big fan of a Japanese TV show, in which the TV host visits recommended places in Hawaii, and they wanted to visit where he visited in the program. Starting from Queen's Surf Cafe in Waikiki, we had a morning coffee. Then, it was on to the great Banyan tree in Kapiolani Park,  followed by eating oxtail soup at Asahi Grill. We ended the day by eating malasada at Leonard's Bakery.

I loved hanging out with them, and be part of their day :-) Midori and Satoru are for sure "BEST BUDDIES" before a lovie-dovie couple. They requested pictures being not too intimate, rather being natural and having a good time. That made them feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and I am happy to see their fun happy faces in the pictures.

Congratulations of your marriage, and have a great life together!

- Kay (photography& blog)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures after the Japanese sentences.)


結婚式とハネムーンでハワイにいらっしゃったお二人。テレビで見た素敵な場所を巡りたい!その様子を写真に残したい!ということで、お二人の「遊んでいる」様子を撮影させて頂きました:-) ワイキキのクイーンズサーフカフェから始まり、カピオラニ公園の菩提樹の木を訪れたり、朝日グリルのオックステールスープを食べに行ったり...そして締めにはレナーズのマラサダも食べに行ってきました:-)


- Kay (写真&ブログ)

(もっとお写真を見るには"Read More"をクリックして下さい)

Monday, January 14, 2013

30 Days

It's 2013 and a brand new year! While many companies have been focussed on raising their prices, offering the best "deals", and cutting services, Isle Media is dedicated on improving our process while offering more value to our clients. In light of the upcoming January Bridal Expo at the Neil Blaisdell Center (1/18-1/20) we'd like to announce our first of three campaigns that will aid in your decision making process.
The Isle Media Team

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jam & Shadi Wedding Highlights // Royal Kona Resort, Big Island

Jam and Shadi had their small and intimate destination wedding at the Royal Kona Resort. Forecasts predicted rain and the entire morning was gloomy and overcast. Throughout the morning I reassured Jam not to worry, and not to stress! Luckily for everyone, we had a perfect sunset just in time for the ceremony. We lucked out!
Videography // Alan

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christina and Chris Married!

Christina and Chris found me through my Pastor's Wife, Jackie who by coincidence met when Jackie was getting her eye lashes done for her vow renewal.  When I found out that they wanted me to photograph their wedding day I was floored.  I couldn't help but feel privileged that they would honor me with the responsibility of capturing their special day.  Our day began at the Sheraton Waikiki and moved on to the Central Union Atherton Church.  After photographing and filming in the courtyard at the church, we went back to the Sheraton Waikiki for the reception but took a detour at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to take more photos.  The experience was great and I could not ask for a better couple to be my first clients with Isle Media.

Photography/Blog: Lester

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marie-joue and Mark Married!

Marie-Ju and Mark from Isle Media on Vimeo.

What was most memorable about Marie-joue and Mark's wedding was that it was the most relaxing I have ever been to.  The pace of the day was unlike most days where the wedding day is chaos and stressful for everyone.  It was a beautiful setting where the couple and their guests was able to kick back, lie down, just enjoy time together at Loulu Palms Estate.  What made this day most fun were the kids at this wedding, they were so animated and full of energy which made wonderful photos. They were a definite reflection of Marie-joue and Mark who were laid back as well and so accommodating to their friends and family.

Photography: Reese
Photography/Blog: Lester
Video: Alan & Bodie
Hair & Make Up: Zairrah & Meileen

Monday, January 7, 2013

Leilani & Sterling Married!

Leilani and Sterling were one of our earliest clients who booked us back in 2011! Since they were flying from California, we were not able to meet in-person before the wedding day, so Jack and I had a Skype meeting with them instead. It was very nice to talk to them face-to-face, and get to know each other :-)

On the day of the wedding, they ceremony at Ko Olina was beautiful with late-afternoon golden sunlight coming through their wedding aisle. At the reception, it was very funny that Leilani and the groom's men tricked Sterling to search for the garter from one of the men's hairy legs (you can see how it went below)! Their day was celebrated by lots of friends and families with nice smiles and laughter.

Congratulations Leilani & Sterling!!

- Kay (photography & blog)
- Bodie (photography)
- Jack (videography)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in Review!

It's pretty amazing how much can happen in one year! 2012 saw many many changes in our company, and as we look back on the past 12 months, we want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. From blog readers to our wedding couples, our company exists because of you :) Here's some of our memorable moments (in no particular order) of 2012!!

(click on the blue links to go to the full blog posts)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 2013 Isle Media Team!!

Alan | CEO/Founder
Alan first became interested in media through Youtube superstar influences including Devin Supertramp and Wong Fu Productions, whom he considers to be some of the most innovative and creative artists on the planet. Alan was inspired to buy his first DSLR camera, which eventually led to the creation of Isle Media founded on May 31, 2011. His story began when a previous co-worker asked Alan to shoot his first wedding with no formal training or experience. One wedding, led to over 100 weddings in a years time, having shot all over Oahu, Kauai, Kona, Maui and recently in Las Vegas and San Francisco. In addition to being Isle Media’s Chief Execut
ive Officer, Alan oversees the video, photo and hair/make-up teams. Alan hopes to one day release his own full feature film on the big screen. Pastimes include weight training, Bikram Yoga, wine and traveling. Alan holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Hawaii Pacific University.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Isle Media travels to San Francisco! Thanks Remi and Branden!

Remi and Branden was our second couple that has ever flown Isle Media to shoot their wedding outside of Hawaii.  This was one of four weddings we were booked for in four completely different cities/islands.  12-12-12 was a huge wedding day for us and for everyone else around the world.

San Francisco was AWESOME.   Elements that we don't have in Hawaii such as: historical architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge, and lets not forget that chilly weather!  Remi and Branden's wedding was small and intimate.  Simplistic and elegant.  Emotional heartfelt ceremonial vows at City Hall and pictures took place at the Palace of Fine Arts.  And we got so lucky with blue skies and sunshine!  (we must have brought it over from Hawaii, right?)  More luck was brought to us when our wedding was chosen to be interviewed and broadcasted on the Bay Area local news!  (

Thank you for an unforgettable experience in San Francisco.  I have a feeling we'll be coming back.  : )

Alan // videography, edit
Chris // videography

Remi and Branden being interviewed by NBC!

Isle Media, Remi and Branden, and the local news guys : )

We had the entire top floor of City Hall to ourselves!

Introducing Chris!  Isle Media's first San Francisco based 2nd shooter.  Thank you!