Friday, May 11, 2012

Vera and David: Kauaiian at Heart

Lush green mountains, blue skies, fresh water ponds ...oh and lets not forget those.... peacocks.. come to mind when I now think of Kauai. This past weekend, Isle Media had the luxury of traveling to an outer island to capture the celebration of marriage between Vera and David.

Country music seems to be the running theme with our most recent weddings, which I have to say... brings a slight challenge in editing at times.... : ) Country, typically known to be slow to get going before it eventually reaches its climatic point, would be a good analogy to Vera and David's relationship. Gradual and patient. Vera mentioned how their hometown of Kauai is something they both had in common and their relationship dated as far back as their high school days. "I knew she loved me since she first met me" David told us.
Enjoy their highlight reel!

Jack (shooter, edit), Alan (shooter, blog), Prince/Michael (shooters)

  1. Vera & David Engagement from Isle Media on Vimeo.

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