Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's nearing the end of an incredible year. In 7 months, we accomplished filming over 20 weddings, on 3 separate islands, telling different and unique stories of love. What's even better is that these stories are being shared to a worldwide audience. We are so very grateful for the many couples and families that have supported our vision by trusting us to film some of their most dearest moments in life. Had it not been for all of our wonderful clients, we would not been able to get to where we are today. I don't think any of us saw this coming. I have put together a very special piece that is a compilation of footage from the past few months. Whether you were there, or you knew someone that was there, or your a complete stranger, my hope is that by the end you feel just a little something, perhaps gratitude for the love that is very much alive and among us. Enjoy, Alan

Friday, December 23, 2011

Party for 2!

This was the first wedding shot by myself. I met Yang and Viviana as they were getting ready in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Hotel, when I realized something odd. This wedding was only made up of 2 people! Yang and Viviana. No wedding party. No parents. No children. Just them. Sometimes we forget that marriage is about two people, not always about the extravagant decor, or venue, or reception. Even though it was only two people, their presence sure filled up the entire hall of the Central Union Church. Spectacular! Enjoy their teaser trailer reel.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leanne & Joe Married!

11/11/11, Leanne and Joe started their new life as a new wife and husband, and mom and dad for their adorable 4 kids plus a baby they are about to welcome to this world. This was my first time to take wedding photos for a mom-to-be, and I remember when I asked Leanne to adore her bump for a bride's shot, she showed me the sweetest smile in the world to her baby. The most impressive thing about Leanne was that her eyes were so sparkly and I could tell how excited she was starting a new life. I also enjoyed capturing different faces of the groom Joe - starting from his tough-guy fighting pose with his best man, sweet smiles when he was with Leanne, tears at the ceremony, being a very funny speaker at the reception… The Isle Media team really enjoyed working with them, and wishes for the best happiness for the newly weds!

p.s., Isle Media was referred to work at this wedding from our former clients, Shandell and Stacy. Both of them were at the wedding for Leanne and Joe, and it was very nice to see them there! Thank you Shandelle and Stacy for choosing to recommend Isle Media! 

Now, please enjoy the pictures by clicking "Read More"! ~ Kay

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sharon and Steven Marry at the Kahala!

So I have a confession. From the moment I met Sharon I've been dreaming of her wedding ceremony. : ) She was so excited about the video portion of her wedding I knew I couldn't let her down! Sharon and Steven chose to hold their celebration at the magnificent Kahala Hotel. Emotion was seen everywhere, and I was so honored to be able to capture all of their special moments. Sharon sure didn't hold back on the tears. And we thank her for that! : )
The best part of the wedding. When we finally unveil our highlights reel that captured the best parts of the day. It's so gratifying when our couples and their entire reception full of guests can smile, laugh and cry over the footage we worked so hard at capturing for them. Enjoy Sharon and Steven's SDE reaction !

We really pushed ourselves with this production. Enjoy!
Alan & Jack

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy First Birthday Jaden!!


   One of the reasons why I love working as a photographer in Hawaii is that I can experience different cultures. I heard in Hawaii, people celebrate baby's first birthday very big, and it is called "Keiki" party! In Japanese, "Keiki" means "cake" so I thought it was a perfect double meaning since in Hawaiian, Keiki means "kids".

   November 19 Saturday, Jaden had his first birthday cerebrated by his lovely parents, Sunshine and Tio, and lots of friends and families. Throughout the day, I could see how much Sunshine and Tio love their special one. Their smiles were so charming, and they made me want to become a parent like them! I hope in the future, Jaden will see these photos and feel that he is truly loved by his parents and everybody around him. 

   Now, please enjoy the pictures by clicking "Read more"!  ~Kay

Saturday, December 3, 2011

RORO & RAERAE get married !

Normally, when we receive inquiries from our clients, it's the bride that is calling to ask all the big questions and making all the big decisions, but in this case Roland made the big decision to go with us : ) (Thanks Roland!)  Roland asked that we pick an upbeat song, which matches their fun and light hearted personalities.  Roland introduced his wife Rachelle and I thought, oh that's cute- matching names!    However, on the day of their wedding, Roland and Rachelle became "RORO" and "RAERAE" which is what all of their friends and family called them the entire night.  Enjoy this fun mix to a not so conventional wedding song "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris.   : )

-Alan & Jack