Saturday, May 26, 2012

Before and After: Bridal Hair and Makeup!

Hello everyone, Zairrah here! Thank you for following and keeping up with what's been going on through our blog!  Here you will find some makeup, before and after photos of our past and future brides and bridesmaids.  Check out some hair and makeup styles perfect for a summer wedding or any special occasion!

Makeup: Softly smoked eyes, defined eyebrows, and glossy lips creates a great look for any season. 
Airbrush Foundation:  Used to minimize skin imperfections while giving it a beautifully natural finished looking result.  Great for HD video and photos. 
Hair: A sweet style!  Soft waves and layers around the face and sides to add shape and definition. 

This is a cute style for bridesmaids with short hair.  Spiral soft curls for short hair decorated with white fresh orchids pinned to the side. Perfect for a wedding!

Brides love this natural makeup with a messy side bun updo. This style shows off any wedding gown and will look particularly great for people with a high cheek bone structure

A before and after picture of our bride-to-be.  She selected this cute side bun design with a braid on the side.  Great for an outdoor wedding.

Half-up half-down hairstyles can instantly give you a sensuous or elegant hairdo option, suitable for any occasion.  Below are photos of some of my hair design.

Thank you for looking!!

Blog, makeup, hair, and photos by Stylist Zairrah.


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  3. Hi Randy! On behalf of our Isle Media team, we thank you for following our blog! We hope to inspire more readers like you as we make effort to post pictures, videos and stories of our work everyday!