Monday, April 29, 2013

Kate and David Wedding

Seeing Kate and David get married was a wonderful experience for us here at Isle Media.  It was an intimate affair with close friends and family as well as adventurous with their epic snow boarding down down the mountain at Keystone Village in Colorado.  The day began  Kate, David and their family was nothing short of warm and welcoming to Jack and myself, and even made us honorary members of their family.  Their day started off at their Condo at Dillon Park, where they held a beautiful ceremony outside overlooking Lake Dillon.  After the post ceremony snowboarding session we continued on to enjoy the rest of the evening with them at Warren Station.  It was nothing short of wonderful new experience for Jack and myself, making new friends and even being made a part of the Boyer/Arnold Ohana.  Thank you Kate and David for choosing us to photograph your special day and even more so for thinking highly enough of us to consider us family.

Kate and David Wedding Highlights (Dillon, Colorado) from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Photography/Blog: Lester
Videography: Jack 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Makeup & Hair for Rose!

Rose was able to wear this sophisticated bridal look with a little help of the airbrush foundation.  To bring out her eyes and natural features, highlights and bronzers were carefully applied around her face.  She made a perfect choice by going with the slightly dramatic eyes.  For her hair, she wanted to have them curled with a half up half down do to match her bridal gown.  Excellent choices Rose!  Check out more pictures of behind-the-scenes and more looks from her bridesmaids below. 

-Zairrah, Blogger, Lead Stylist
-Assisted by Mariah 2nd Stylist
-Photos by Reese

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rochelle and Jon Married!

Rochelle and Jon's wedding was full of bold colors, laughter, and singing. The ceremony took place at Kawaiahao Church, a venue steeped in tradition and grand in appearance. Ben Gutierrez from Hawaii News Now was the best man on the wedding party, and kept the energy up at the reception with his newscaster presence. Jon sang songs at both the ceremony and reception for Rochelle, and the couple performed a cool waltz for their first dance. Lots of great moments from this wedding!

-Reese (photography, blog), Kay (photography)
-Trevor, Jack, Lester, Alan (videography, SDE)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Makeup and Hair for Trinh!

Trinh loved her romantic, soft makeup look for her wedding!
-used airbrush for long wear
-medium smokey eyes, for more definition and drama
-used individual lashes for natural feel, not heavy on eyes
-focus was more on eyes
-kept lips and face in neutral tones because the eyes are a little on the stronger side
-soft blush on the apples of her cheeks

For the bridesmaids, we created a simple elegant updo bun and applied a peachy-rose makeup to give them a fresh look! Here are some behind the scenes photos from the wedding!
-Zairrah (Lead Stylist)
-Assisted by Meileen
-Photos by Reese

Friday, April 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes with CRW! (Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing)

Back in February, we worked with Dana Akasaki of CRW (Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing). In addition to doing a commercial video for them (which can be found here), we also did behind the scenes photos of a typical workday at the CRW office, and shot portraits of the company heads. It was great to experience the hustle and bustle of a company that's celebrating it's 20th anniverary of serving Hawaii. It was also very cool to be able to take a ride on a box truck to gain access to solar panels on rooftops at the warehouse! Enjoy!
Photography // Reese, Lester
Videography // Alan, Jack

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kate and David Wedding Highlights from Colorado!!!!

One of the most exciting weddings we have done this year was nine thousand feet above sea level in Dillon, Colorado! We met Kate half a year ago though a wedding in the Big Island that she was coordinating at. When she called us, we were all so thrilled about the three day adventure in Colorado!
After the ceremony that took place in front of Lake Dillon, we took the Gondala up to the summit of River Run Village. Believe it or not, Kate and David and the rest of their wedding party snowboarded down the hill in their wedding attire!!
We are so glad we were able to be a part of Kate and David's special day! Congratulations guys!
Videography // Jack
Edit // Sam
Photography // Lester

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trinh and Dan Married!

Dan and Trinh's wedding happened on a stormy morning, where rain was passing through Waikiki. Everyone was hoping for the best, as the ceremony was completely outdoors at Magic Island. Rain continued to fall throughout the set up and getting ready. However, as soon as Trinh began to walk down the aisle with her parents, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. It was amazing. For the entire ceremony, it stayed like this. Then, once the ceremony concluded and the wedding party exited down the aisle, the rain started up again. Talk about perfect timing!

Trinh and Dan, along with their wedding party, were a ton of fun to hang out with, as you'll see in the photos :) Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog) // Lester (photography)
-Jack & Alan (videography)
-Zairrah & Meileen (hair/makeup)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alessandra and Cern Wedding Highlights (Kauai)

Alessandra and Cern planned an epic adventure themed wedding revolving around helicopters, canoe paddling, and of course, the two of them. In fact- Alessandra and Cern were the only two people at their wedding. In an effort to share their passion filled day with their loved ones who weren't all able to make it, they made sure that their media venders were included in on ALL of their activities.
Personally, I was a little fearful before getting into the helicopter. But as you can tell from the footage, the views of Kauai were absolutely stunning from the air. We were so lucky to have so many waterfalls turn on, just for us! Other surprises were flying through halo's of rainbows, as well as in incredible sunset that topped off the day.
Congratulations to you both, Alessandra and Cern!
Videography // Alan, Jack

Friday, April 12, 2013

Claudia & Andy Married!

Claudia and Andy tied their knot this April after being together for 9 years! I really loved their personal vows which revealed how they first started: Andy saw Claudia at the college dormitory talking with her mom on the phone in Spanish - he fell in love with her at the first sight :-) Their friends and families from all over the states and Mexico came to join their big day in this beautiful outdoor wedding at Lanikuhonua!

Congratulations Claudia & Andy!

- Kay (photography & blog)
- Aly (lighting assistant)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love in Kohala

Here's a sneak peak from Eldon and Cassiee's wedding in Kohala! Their wedding was easily one of the most photogenic events we've ever documented, and we were stoked to be a part of it! Trevor and I climbed up a tree to get this angle for photo/video, and it was well worth the effort :) More to come later!!

-Reese (photography, blog) // Kay (photography)
-Trevor, Michael (videography)
-Rhoda (SDE)

Monday, April 8, 2013

CRW- Commercial Roofing Waterproofing (corporate video)

Isle Media has been presented with so many unique and creative opportunities- beyond the realm of weddings. Dana Akasaki of Hawaii Commercial Roofing, approached us with a vision to produce a corporate video that would tell their perspective on solar and roofing. It's fascinating how wedding and commercial can be related to one another, but essentially, each type of piece has the same goal : tell a story in an honest, beautiful and memorable way. (we were thrilled to work with CRW, some of these shots we captured from rooftops that we accessed via box trucks, it was so cool!)
Videography // Alan, Jack , Sam (video edit)
Photography // Reese, Lester

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Preview: Hawaii CRW Group Shot!

Here's a sneak peak from our commercial video and photo shoot with Hawaii Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing! We got to shoot at some very cool locations to document the story of this company celebrating its 20th Anniversary of serving Hawaii. More to come!

-Reese (photography, blog) Lester (photography)
-Jack & Alan (videography)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trinh and Dan Married at Magic Island! // Honolulu, Oahu

Thrinh and Dan made the boldest move ever when planning their wedding: having an outdoor ceremony with NO back up! The morning was filled with mood. Cloudy, stormy skies, downpour of rain...intermittently, peaks of sunshine. We observed Dan frequently peering outside during the prep to see if the weather had cleared. Nope. But! With our luck, just before the ceremony began, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Just in time for the vows!

Congratulations to you both, Trinh and Dan.

(Isle Media Triple Service)
Hair/Make-up // Zairrah
Photography // Reese, Lester
Videography // Alan, Jack

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thailand Trip Part 1

On March 7th, Alan, Jack and I embarked on an adventure to Thailand and India (Trevor would join us later in India). This trip was centered around the birth of Alan's baby girls, Ava and Addison, and also presented a chance for us to see a part of Asia. We spent the first week in Thailand, meeting Alan's family, walking the streets of his childhood memories, and exploring the colorful culture of the Land of Smiles.

Two weeks later, I came back to Hawaii with over 2000 photos, trying to figure out how I wanted to blog such a large body of work. I realized it'd be best to split the photos from this trip, so this post will be the first of four. A lot of photos are narrated, so I will let them do the talking :)

There's quite a bit of images here, so take your time :) Enjoy!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Alan // Jack // Trevor (videography/photography)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Joy and Aaron Engaged!

I love it when couples are able to tie in something about themselves into their engagement shoots. In Joy and Aaron's case, they decided to have their e-session at the HPU Hawaii Loa campus, the place where they first met in college. Joy and Aaron showed us around the campus, and even reenacted their first encounter in the very room where it actually happened for their engagement video :) Thanks for a wonderful session you two...excited for the big day!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Jack & Alan (videography)

-Zairrah (hair/makeup)