Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love With No Barriers

Vanessa and JP, who flew in from Hong Kong to have their wedding at the Four Seasons in Kona, gave us the rare opportunity to have the creative independence to run completely wild with our imaginations. To earn that level of trust with a client was a really big deal to us. We knew we had to deliver.
Trevor, Jack and I were flown into Kona, Big Island the night prior and storyboarded the entire concept behind JP and Vanessa's shoot. First on the list. Lock in on a song. Lykke Li's "Love out of Lust" was our #1 choice, as it brought a very intimate, very seductive mood, while being exceptionally magical and romantic. We wanted a song that was very contemporary while still being able to pass as somewhat traditional for a wedding song. We were happy when Vanessa and JP approved of our choice.
Our next decision was the ditch the "wedding template" concept entirely. The story begins with Vanessa and JP together, but physically apart.... they are thinking about each other even although the other one was not there. If you watch the first 60 seconds closely, you'll notice that we actually filmed their parts separately, as they did not see each other the entire morning. Vanessa was stunning in front of the camera and knew exactly what expressions to make while we were filming but said...."Normally I am shy and mousy," Vanessa laughed "But when there is a camera infront of me I can turn on a completely different side of my personality."
For the first look we wanted to try something dramatic. No tapping on the shoulder, awkward blank stare, giggle. We decided that we would utilize a wooden door to be the barrier that was separating them from being together. So the door opened and there she was! JP was brought nearly to tears. The video continued with a glimpse of the evening ceremony, gorgeous sweeping sunsets and lights. Peaks of expression and emotion throughout.
We love the Four Season's hotel! Our video was projected onto a gigantic cinema screen that dropped from the ceiling. What a surreal way to end the night for all of us.
Trevor/Jack (shooters), Alan (editor, blog)
Harold/Krista (photography by haroldjulianphotos.com)

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