Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photography Premier Shoot!

Whew, tons of editing lately, but I finally got a chance to post this shoot up! Although weddings are my professional emphasis, I also do creative work with models on the side, to push my lighting and location work. A few weeks ago, I was able to tap into this creative side when Kay and I did a concept shoot with Alexis, a good friend of mine who is also an agency model. This shoot was for our photography promo video, which will be featured at the May 31st premier! Alan and Jack filmed the shoot, and Zairrah did make up, so it was truly a team effort! The theme for this shoot was fluidity and motion, and I wanted a location that would make a good backdrop and also provide the wind I needed to carry Alexis' dress. Kakaako park fit the bill perfectly, and ended up giving us some great light and wind for the shoot.

For those of you attending our May 31st premier, look out for footage from this shoot! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Photography: Reese & Kay
Make up: Zairrah
Video: Alan & Jack

Did some beauty shots with studio lighting to change things up...

Some behind the scenes photos!! Zairrah working her magic on Alexis...

Most videographers carry one tripod. Jack carries three ;)

Zairrah assisting with lighting! 

Keepin it upbeat :)

Maggie on set with Alan :)


  1. These are so inspiring!

  2. Thank you Claire! Hope your portrait work is going well :)