Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rhinestones and Roses

"Do you want coffee or sugar free redbull?" were Shannon's first words to the crew and I as we stepped into their hotel room at 5:30AM. Running on only a few hours of sleep ourselves, we kicked it into high gear as we prepared ourselves mentally for the day ahead of us. It's always fun when your friends are getting married. And its a privledge when they ask you to film for their wedding day. Over the years I have known Ryan, he has maintained the reputation for keeping his emotions together with his stone cold face (lol), but he surprised all of us as he wept during his ceremony as they shared their personal vows. Lucky for him, his loving brother rescued him with tissue! We were so fortunate we were able to capture these brief but sentimental moments. Congratulations to you both Shannon and Ryan! Be sure to also check out their engagement video, below! Alan (edit, blog), Jack (lead shooter), Michael/Glenn (shooters)

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