Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photography Workshop with the ULS Multimedia Class!

Before I joined Isle Media, I was a teaching assistant at the University Lab School Summer Program, teaching multimedia and graphic arts with Chris Zorn (second from left). I also assisted him during the normal school year with his regular multimedia class, so it felt amazing to return and help out with his class! Yesterday, the class observed me as I did a mock portrait shoot of Hye Jung Kim, a math teacher at ULS. She's also into photography, and had a great time being on the other side of the camera :)

The shoot was basically to give insights to the students about how to conduct on-location portrait shoots, since they are often asked by the school to do similar assignments. Topics covered ranged from studying ambient light, to developing rapport with the subject. I gotta say was really different to think out loud and explain to an audience while shooting photos! 

Click "Read more" to see a few images from the shoot...stoked to be back in the classroom again! More workshops to come soon :)

-Reese (photography, blog)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Denise & Richard Married!

We had an opportunity to take pictures of Denise & Richard from New Jersey at Secret Beach in Ko Olina! They found us through our partner wedding coordinator, Lissa Wilson :-) When I got to the beach and waiting for the couple to arrive, a lady came to me and gave me four pieces of coral that looked like the letters of L, O, V and E! I thanked her and took a picture for Denise and Richard, to show that the Hawaii beach is cerebrating their wedding day!

After exchanging their vows, the couple had a Sand Ceremony - in which you use two different colored sand from two different locations, and make layers into one bottle... just like two people meet and melt into one. At the end, they sealed their ceremony with throwing the blessed stones into the ocean. It was wonderful to share the day with Denise and of wishes to you both!

- Kay (photography + blog)
- Lester (photography)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cristine and Pat Same-Day-Edit (Hale Koa, Waikiki)

I've known Pat and Cristine for about 6 years. Pat and I used to live just a few houses away from one another in Ewa Beach. Literally, 4 houses away. Pat and I mostly spent time in the gym, Pat teaching me how to be buff like him (lol). Years later, I received the phone call that he wanted to use us to film and photo his wedding day. I was thrilled.
Pat asked for a same-day-edit that we surprised Cristine with at the end of her reception. Awesome. : )
Love you both.
Alan // Edit
Glenn, Bodie // Videography

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Isle Media Videography Workshop@ The Sacred Hearts Academy

It's unbelievable to think that we have anything significant to pass down to our future generations, but surprisingly, we were able to create a highly interactive and exciting 2 hour videography workshop for the bright and motivated girls at Sacred Hearts Academy.   The picture above, is their digital media club.  I wish we had a digital media club when growing up!  And let me tell you, these girls are SMART.  And so highly enthusiastic about digital media and arts.  We were floored by how quickly they have picked up videography and editing.  Who knows?  Perhaps we were able to inspire some of these young women to be professional videographers  one day.  :  )

Thank you for everything Sacred Hearts!

We had a blast!

Alan & Jack

(Click "Read more" to see pictures of the girls sharing some of their creative pieces with us afterwards!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kaori & Wataru ~ Love Dolphins!

Kaori and Wataru flew from Japan to get married at beautiful Ko Olina. When they contacted me they had already pre-booked a photographer for their wedding, but they wanted to have additional pictures of their lunch reception.  So we decided to have some fun with a 3 hour photo session in Waikiki.

We exchanged emails many times before meeting in person just a day before their wedding.  Kaori and Wataru showed me a cute "bride-n-groom" dolphin that they brought from Japan! We decided to bring it on our photo shoot as well as a custom-made Hawaiian quilt that also had dolphins on it :-)

Kaori and Wataru were so adorable with each other, and I really had a great time with them. Kaori told me that some day she would like to add a baby dolphin on the quilt and come back to Hawaii for a family picture! I am looking forward to our "three dolphin" photo session in the future :-)  best wishes to them! 


- Kay (blog & photography)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HI REMEDY, "Sugar High" // Teaser Trailer

 Seven more days until the scheduled worldwide release of HI REMEDY's debut music video, "Sugar High." Brought to you, by us. : )  Stay tuned!

Alan, Glenn // Videography

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jillian and Gerard Wedding Highlights (Paradise Cove Chapel, Koolina)

It's pretty cool when people from the other side of the planet find our company. Jillian and Gerard originate from Canada and flew down to Hawaii to get married in paradise. They were a super fun couple to work with, meshing some Catholic Filipino traditions with contemporary class.
Congratulations to the both of you!
Alan, Vanessa // Videography, Blog
Rhoda // Edit

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silhouette in Waikiki

Hawaii has nicest sunset almost everyday. Yellow, orange, pink, purple.. everyday is unique. Kaori and Wataru were very lucky to encounter this beautiful sunset in Waikiki. Earlier, the color was orange and aqua color and later it changed to pink and ultramarine. More pictures from their session are coming soon :-)

- Kay (photography & blog)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kim and Kevin // Married at the Four Seasons, Grande Wailea Maui

Kim and Kevin glowed with happiness every minute of their wedding day. Kim's smile was both radiant and contagious. No detail was spared, from the bridesmaids handpicked wedding gifts, the soft pastel color scheme seen both in their attire and bouquets, to the exquisite glass chargers at their reception tables. We love these types of couples. Energetic, kind hearted, and just gosh darn happy!
Alan // Videography, Edit
Bodie // Videography

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purple and Gray

Large wedding parties often give us a great chance to be creative with posing for group shots. After some thoughtful composing, we came up with this arrangement after Lesley and Keahi's ceremony at the Kamehameha Golf Club on Maui. Such an awesome group of people! More to come later!

-Reese (photography, blog) Lester (photography)
-Alan, Travis, Jack (videography)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jon and Abby Wedding Highlights (Waikiki, Oahu)

Jon and Abby have an incredible history of how they met and how they came to be married. Jon wanted Abby to have the world on her wedding day, and spared no detail making sure she had everything she wanted. Their son loved our cameras and even had a special moment during their ceremony. : )

 Congratulations Jon and Abby!

 Alan // Videographer, Editor
Jack // Videographer

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bernice and Bryan Wedding Highlights (Fairmont Orchid, Big Island)

Bernice and Bryan have an amazing love for each other and beautiful family to boot. The most well behaved boys I have ever met at a wedding! Bernice and Bryan traveled from California all the way to Kona, Big Island to celebrate their 10 year vow renewal. We were so fortunate to be blessed with great weather, amazing sunset lighting, which made for awesome footage! I also had the opportunity to work alongside a very talented make-up artist (Cassiee, whose wedding we are also filming next year) and "the" James Rubio (photography). It was a pleasure working with all of these amazing people.
Videographer // Alan

Friday, October 12, 2012

Before and after bride Marie

Effortless makeup and hair suits this French-Sicilian bride perfectly.  
Marie is our destination bride from the "ninth island" also known as Las Vegas!  She requested to have her makeup very light and wearable to last her all day for her outdoor beachy wedding which will take place at the beautiful Loulu Palm Estate on the North Shore.  This look is wearable for any bride.  What I like about Marie is that she's super cool and laid back.  Stay tuned for more from her wedding!  

-Zairrah (Makeup & Hair, Blog, Photos)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Michelle & Eddy, Same-day-edit at the Halekulani !!!

Michelle and Eddy have such playful personalities! The groomsmen were all wearing purple Converse. They flew in with a handful of their best friends to get married at the Kahala Hotel.
Congratulations to you both.
Jack // Videography, Same-day-editor
Glenn, Travis // Videography

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tammy and Mike Married!

Tammy and Mike are such a warm-hearted couple, and it was a very rewarding experience to see these two tie the knot before their family and friends at the Hale Koa Hotel. Tammy's two flower girls were the center of attention throughout the day, and made for some very memorable moments, whether it was chomping on broccoli in the hotel room, or wearing the flower baskets on their heads during the ceremony. Tammy and Mike share a chemistry that really shows how well they were made for each other, and with all their laughter and smiles throughout the day, they made our job very easy :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (blog, photography), Lester (photography)
-Vanessa & Michael (videography)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shallon and Kaohu Same-Day-Edit // Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki

Same-day-edits are always stressful but very rewarding when the couples can relive all their moments! Shallon, Kaohu and their friends and family, laughed and cried over the all the great footage we covered that entire day.  It is so rewarding when we can see an immediate emotional response from our work.
Congratulation Shallon & Kaohu!
Videographer- Michael/Vanessa

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Staircase

The Moana Surfrider has some fantastic architecture that is absolutely perfect for wedding formals :) Here's a sneak peak from Joe and Christine's wedding from last week! More to come later!

-Reese (photography, blog), Lester (photography)
-Alan & Jack (videography)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob & Olivia!

How exciting to take adorable pictures of TWIN brother and sister! Both of them were full of energy, and it was fun to capture their candid smiles :-) There were a swimming pool, bouncy house, water slider, lots of fun stuff and all the keiki were having a blast! Here are some highlight pictures from the party. Enjoy!

- Kay (blog & photography)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Networking Social with Pacific Edge Magazine // @ The Trump!

Isle Media continues to show our love and support for local business!  Just a short highlights of another successful networking event brought to you by Pacific Edge Magazine.  

Edit // Trevor
Videographers // Glenn, Alan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sheri and Matt Engaged!

Matt and Sheri were a TON of fun to work with! Such great chemistry, and there was no shortage of laughter or smiles :) Matt has a membership to the Elk's Club in Waikiki, so we were able to get some great shots on the large lanai on the top floor, which also gave us a great view of the sunset. Sheri requested some shots next to the Kapiolani Park fountain, and that ended up being on the best requests that I've ever gotten, as you'll see at the end of this blog post :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Kay (lighting)
-Bodie (videography)
-Zairrah (hair/makeup)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A day in the life....

In anticipation of Ryder's first birthday, we spent an afternoon shooting with him and his family at the Kaneohe Botanical Garden. We quickly discovered Ryder's love for nature. Fish, birds, and plumerias! ...are just a few of the things this young boy adores. Being a baby is tough! For those that know me well, children hit a soft spot for me. :)
Happy Birthday Ryder!
Alan // videographer, edit
Bodie // videographer