Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love for the Parents!

Isle Media offers an in-person consultation when people contact us for our photography, videography, and make-up services. For this wedding, Crystal contacted us and we met up for a consultation.

     Kay: "So, tell me about your wedding plan!" 
     Crystal:"This is actually for my dad :-)"

Crystal came over to see me for her dad's wedding. She told me how important it was to have me shoot their wedding pictures for Polesi and Lasi, and that was her wedding gift to them. I was so touched when I was talking with Crystal, learning how much she loves her dad. I love how much Ohana matters especially to local Hawaiian people - coming from Tokyo (with a typical big city mentality), I am learning the beauty of family love I encounter in Hawaii every day!

Here are some highlight pictures from Polesi & Lasi's wedding!

Please enjoy! (Click "Read more" to see more pictures).


Photography: Kay

Have an ever-lasting happy life! Congratulations~

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