Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isle Media Goes to Las Vegas!!

When Isle Media received the call that we were getting booked for our first mainland destination wedding ever and going to Vegas, we were thrilled. One of my all time wedding destinations I've always wanted to shoot was in..... Las Vegas. What came to mind were... lights. High rises. Concrete. Much different than the Oahu mountains, ocean, and warm weather we were accustomed to.
Immediately upon meeting Marcela and Gabriel for the first time, we could tell already that they were on FIRE in love. It was so fun to shoot around the city, couple times while going through the casinos we passed by security...and finally got ordered to stop when we were already done with the shoot. : ) ...Another pleasant surprise was that Las Vegas has a very long and dramatic sunset...lens flare for days!
Congratulations Marcela and Gabriel!
Alan (shooter, edit, blog), Jack (shooter)

Here's some quick snapshots of us over in Vegas :)

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