Monday, May 21, 2012

Jocelyn & RJ Engaged!!

Over the past few months, I had exchanged so many emails and phone calls with Jocelyn and RJ that I felt I practically knew them, before even meeting them in person! Being from California, the couple didn't get a chance to have a traditional wedding consultation, so everything was done via email and phone call. It's amazing how much of a couple's personality can come across through these mediums :) When RJ and Jocelyn decided to plan a quick trip to Hawaii for the main reason of doing their engagement shoot with our team, I was extremely stoked and honored! I'll always remember when RJ and Jocelyn got out of the car at the Ward Warehouse parking lot right before the e-session and both gave me big hugs, saying "Hey Reese!! It's so great to finally meet you!"

The theme for their wedding is "Destination Wedding," so to keep with the concept, we decided to do the shoot at Magic Island for the variety of backgrounds and sunset. Jocelyn and RJ were an absolute joy to work with...very easy going, and completely comfortable with each other in front of the camera. RJ had some hilariously cheesy rhymes he cooked up that kept the energy quite high throughout the shoot :)

This e-session was a true team effort:
Engagement video: Alan & Michael
Zairrah: Makeup & Photo assistant
Photography: Reese

Congratulations again to Jocelyn and RJ! We're so excited to shoot your wedding this summer!!


  1. Great series of pics, Reese! Your talent is growing...--->>>---^^^

  2. Thanks for following our work Jared!!