Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Owl Love

Mabel and Chad's wedding had a wonderfully whimsical feel to it, including the cake toppers. It was therefore a no brainer to use these two adorable owls for the ring shot :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

-Reese (photography, blog) 

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Beautiful Wedding at the North Shore

I had a great opportunity to work with a Maui based photographer, Angelina Hills of Aloha Portraits the other day :-) Angelina flew inter-island for this wedding, and I assisted her as a second shooter. Her friend Beth and Derek held their wedding at a private residence on the North Shore.  I love the North Shore because of its mellow ambience.  Time seems to be suspended here.   :-)

One great thing about being a wedding photographer in Hawaii is that I am able to see lots of different cultures.  During this wedding, I witnessed for the first time, a Jewish tradition of "breaking the glass" At the end of the ceremony, a glass wrapped in a towel was brought to Derek, and he smashed it with his feet!  Afterwards, I looked up the meaning and what it is for - one interpretation explained "the marriage will last as long as the glass is broken - FOREVER."  How fascinating!

Congratulations Beth and Derek, I wish you happiness in your married life! :-)

Photography & Blog: Kay

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crystal and Kaleka Married!

Crystal and Kaleka's wedding was Isle Media's first Civil Union! The couple had a very simple and intimate ceremony down at Kakaako Waterfront Park, with their close family and friends in attendance. Almost every person in the audience had some sort of camera with them, so the event was very well documented :) What really stood out to me from this wedding was the vows...Crystal and Kaleka wrote such tender and loving vows for each other, and it really stands as a testament to why they are so perfect for each other :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (blog, photography), Kay (second shooter), Glenn (videography)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Come see us at the Bridal Expo! July 27-29

Isle Media is participating in the Hawaii Bridal Expo this weekend! This is the best expo for those who are seeking for information anything related to a wedding - including media vendors (photo, video, photo booth, etc), make-up & hair artists, wedding venues, food catering services, dresses, cakes, decors, classic rental cars, and so on! There will also be several fashion shows going on as well :-) 

At our booth, we will be sharing our current photography & cinematography highlights, via our interactive ipad displays :) Also, on Friday night and Sunday afternoon, our make-up team will be hosting a beauty bar for some make-up trials (first come first served)!

Please come see us at our Isle Media booth this weekend!

Dates: July 27 to 29
Location: Neal Blaisdell Center - 777 Ward Ave. Honolulu HI
Hours: Friday 5:30pm to 10pm, Saturday 10:30am to 4pm, Sunday 10:30am to 4pm

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cheryl & George :: Finally! : )

Cheryl and George had their wedding at the Ihilani resort in Ko'olina. This spot has been special to them throughout their relationship as it was the location of their first date and where George proposed to Cheryl. A fun loving couple, you will see video of the guys getting pedicures while the bride beams with excitement putting on a sparkling dress and tiara. This same day edit was viewed with laughter and tears at their reception on July 15, 2012. Lindsey (edit, blog), Alan/Glenn/Travis (videographers)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cristine & Pat Engaged!

We had Cristine & Pat's engagement session at Ko Olina last Sunday. During our session, I found out that they were high school sweethearts and have been together for 8 years! My impression when spending time with them for a couple hours was they were so comfortable with each other, and were enjoying every minute of each other's company, even with my camera trained on them :) I asked them for advice for a successful long term relationship - they told me that trust and laughter are the keys :-)

I would like to share the special moments with you from Cristine & Pat's engagement sessions here. Enjoy!

Photographer + Blog Author: Kay   
Second Shooter & Lighting Assistant: Lester

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunset Dip

What a romantic couple...this image is from our formals session...and I didn't even ask them to do this :)

More to come from Tammy and Mike's wedding!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reiko and Yoshiyuki

Reiko and Yoshiyuki, 
Here's to a great future, full of joy and life.

-Trevor (video, blog, edit), Jack (video)

Monday, July 16, 2012


Jordan and I went to college together back in Oregon. In addition to taking photography classes with Jordan, I would bump into him at the gym every now and then, and remembered those days of lifting. During formals, I decided to take that memory and do something a little creative with it :)

More to come from Kelly and Jordan's wedding!

-Reese (photography, blog), Lester (second shooter)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Daniela, Sean, and the White Horse

Daniela and Sean Wedding Highlights (North Shore, Oahu) from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Sometimes I wonder how fortunate we are to have such charismatic clients such as Daniela and Sean. After Daniela first met us, she told me that she had 100% confidence that we would film her wedding elegantly and artistically. When clients trust us to have complete creative reign, I really feel like we can create some of our best work. We love bringing out candid, natural moments. :) Regarding the music selection, I knew I wanted something with classic instrumentals, violin, piano, etc. The biggest deciding factor was choosing a song that matched the stride of the majestic horse. When I heard "Us" by Regina Spector... I listened as I watched how the horse paced its walk.... and when I saw that beautiful synchronization with the beat, I knew that..... this was the one. I hope the by watching this video you can just feel just a small bit, how much Daniela and Sean are madly in love.

Congratulations you two!

Alan (videographer, editor, blog), Glenn (videographer)

Harold, Trevor (photography, haroldjulianphotos.com)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video+Photo+Makeup Blog from Kelly and Jay's Wedding!!

Alan's Blog:
Kelly first inquired with Isle Media over 6 months ago although her mother, Judy, took the burden of doing the bulk of all of the wedding planning. Judy and I developed a very close and lasting relationship leading all of the way until her daughter's wedding day (and onward). After finally meeting the Tong's and Berry's in person, they embraced the entire Isle Media team as if we were part of their family. Today, I call her "Aunty Judy" which she told me was the biggest compliment ever. : )
Kelly and Jay had a gorgeous wedding that took place across several beachfront Koolina resorts. Kelly and Jays' love for one another was transparent by the way they looked into each others eyes, which resulted in some most honest moments we have captured in video. They had this great way about disappearing into their own world, as if no one else existed except the two of them.
Congratulations Kelly and Jay!
Isle Media Videography (Alan, Trevor)
Isle Media Photography (Reese)
Isle Media Beauty/ Hair & Make-up: (Zairrah, Meileen)
Cake: A Cake Life! /// acakelife.com
Reception: Ihilani Resort

Zairrah's Blog:
Our beautiful bride Kelly was very sweet, gorgeous and very easy going.  Check out a before and after picture of her below.  Her skin was airbrushed giving her a clean and flawless look which is perfect for photos and video.  I added a good amount of highlight on her upper cheek to give her a nice bridal glow.  Her hair was parted to one side and loosely pinned back to add elegance to her bridal look. 

Reese's Blog
It was a wonderful experience documenting Kelly and Jay's wedding! The couple had their ceremony in the Chapel Place of Joy, a venue that has a surreal beauty all its own. The wedding was small and intimate, with a special flower presentation for Jay. After the ceremony, the couple rode back via limo to the Ihilani, where I was able to take some of my all-time favorite formals photos in the late afternoon light. The reception was quite special...I've never seen so many people (kids and adults) go up to the microphone to give speeches about the couple. There was also a Chinese tea ceremony, where the couple dressed up in traditional attire to pay respect to their parents with tea.

Above all, Kelly and Jay made the whole experience wonderful. Down to earth and very welcoming, our whole Isle Media team felt right at home with the couple and their wedding party. As Alan mentioned, Kelly and Jay have an ability of melting into their own world, letting everything else drop away. This allowed for some very candid and beautiful images, whether it was during the formals session, or the first dance.

Congratulations again to Kelly and Jay!!
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper Cranes in Kona

Mel and Chung chose to get married on a private estate on Kona because they fell in love with it while vacationing in 2007. When I first entered the estate, my first reaction was "Wow, it must have taken hours to make all these paper cranes!" The setting was something out of a romance novel. The sand was very nice and fine, and the light breeze was calming. Mel and Chung picked the perfect spot to hold the ceremony.
Congratulations Mel & Chung!
Jack (shooter, editor)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ann and Damon Married!!

Unlike most couples I've worked with, I met Damon and Ann on the day of their wedding. Being from Arizona, the couple did all their planning with me via email and phone. However, I had a gut feeling from all the communication that this couple would be awesome to work with. And I was right :)

Ann and Damon are easily one of the most humble and grateful couples that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Both of them have been through a lot (the absence of parents meant Ann was walked down the aisle by her uncle, and Damon danced with his daughter after the first dance), but in the midst of all this, Ann and Damon carried so much happiness and energy throughout the day that I felt rejuvenated as a photographer documenting their special day.

This wedding (aside from having the Isle Media blue color scheme!) had a wonderful focus on the details. Ann and Damon presented their daughter, Hannah, with a ring during there ceremony (in addition to their own). The couple also had wedding shoe stickers, which added a nice touch to their attire. The ceremony, which was held at the Ihilani Resort, was small and intimate with close family and friends. The reception was incredibly emotional, with heartfelt speeches, that showed how much respect and love everyone had for the couple. Even Hannah, Ann and Damon's young daughter, came up to give a speech, saying how proud she was of her parents taking this final step.

Oh, and this wedding party knew how to have a good time :) From Hannah and Logan's rendition of Michael Jackson's "Bad," to the entire group rocking out to "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, there were plenty of smiles and dance moves from everyone!

Congratulations Ann and Damon...you guys rock :)

-Reese (blog, photography)

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Perfect Wedding Day Gift

Tim was convinced that Julie would not be getting him the wedding gift of his dreams, a Nikon D800. Little did he know, Julie had a planned surprise for him, and the look on TIm's face was priceless. Julie and Tim traveled all the way from Vancouver, Canada to celebrate their big day with their closest friends and family in Maui. Custom made cufflinks for all TIm's grooms men (cuffdaddy), live iPad facetime broadcasting, and fillet mignon were all elements that made their wedding truly memorable and classy. (I'm taking notes)
Congratulations Julie and Tim!
Alan (edit, shooter), Michael (shooter)

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Epic Look

Sometimes, all the stars align, and you are presented with a scene that is just screaming epicness. My formals session with Analisa and Andrew on Maui this past Wednesday was exactly this. After the ceremony, we found a large pile of rocks next to the ocean. The clouds were dark and moody in the background, and, the sun was momentarily covered behind the clouds, giving me a chance to highlight the couple with my own lighting. I told Analisa and Andrew we were going for the epic look, and they switched into epic mode :)

More to come later!!

Reese (photography, blog)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Grand Entrance :)

The Grand Entrance. Loud music, wedding party strolling in, maybe the pairs do a little dance on the way in. But I've never seen anyone use water. Sean wanted to do a little surprise for the guests, that reflected his wrestling side, and I can tell you it definitely pumped the audience up for the reception :)

More to come!

-Reese (photography, blog)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Linda and Ray :: Married in Kona, Big Island!

Ray, LInda and their close friends and families all flew in to Kona to celebrate their wedding day at the Mauna Kea Hotel.The beautiful back drop and gorgeous sunset made a memorable wedding for Ray and Linda!
Trevor and I had the pleasure to film all their memorable moments throughout the whole day. We even got to put our camera down and celebrate with them and with their awesome friends and family. LT and the band played all through the night and it couldn't get much better than this. Congratulations Ray and Linda it was a memorable wedding day for us too:)
Enjoy the video and something a little extra at the end of the highlight ;)
Glenn (shooter, editor, blog) , Trevor (shooter)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Karine, Owner of Seasons of Life Events!

Seasons's of Life Events Promotional Reel!

As part of our May premier, we are featuring several local companies that we have teamed up with. In this blog post, Karine France-Matsumoto, owner of Seasons of Life Events, a wedding & events planning company, has the spotlight! Last month, Alan and I went over to Karine's office in Kahala to do her video and promo shoot. It was a ton of fun! Karine, Faith, and Desiree are such a bubbly group, and it wasn't hard at all to get the smiles and laughter for them on camera :) They also redefined what coordinating colors mean :)

Here are some BTS images of Seasons of Life Events, during a typical day at their office!

You can find out more about Seasons of Life at these links:
Website | Facebook  | Blog

-Reese (photography), Alan (videography)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

BTS Photos from Kaena Silva's "Like Your Face" Music Video!!

Back in May, Isle Media collaborated with Kaena Silva on his newest music video, "Like Your Face." Since weddings are our bread and butter, it was very refreshing to work with Kaena on making his creative vision a reality! With the recent world release of "Like Your Face," (see video below) we are so stoked to show you guys the behind the scenes photos from the music video filming!

The video was a large scale production...detailed storyboarding and planning, multiple locations, makeup/styling, and a full video team. Alan, Trevor, and Glenn took the lead on this project, and pulled every trick up their sleeves for filming this video. The Kessler Crane, dolly, sliders, glidecam, tripod, and shoulder mount were all used to give a dynamic feel to the music video. Tasha Johnson took up the role of acting alongside Kaena, and did an awesome job of giving life and personality to her character. Nat Kim, owner of Salon Cookie Couture, provided a versatile mix of makeup and styling.  

As you'll see in this post, we had a BLAST collaborating with everyone on this project! 

-Reese (blog, documentary photography), Alan, Glenn, Trevor, Michael, Jack (videography)