Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kaylee & Loren Married!

On 11/11/11, Isle Media was double booked for weddings, so we split up: one team shot a wedding on Oahu, while the other team shot a wedding on Maui. Jeff and I were the Maui team, and flew into Kahalui at 5:30AM. And of course I fell asleep on the plane and missed a wonderful sunrise lol.

Talk about an unforgettable day! Nothing prepared me for a crazy drive on muddy, steep, unpaved roads (in our rental car) between three venues, pouring rain that cleared up for the ceremony (followed by a rainbow), a huge flock of doves that responded to the minister's whistle, and of course, an awesome awesome wedding couple!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Startled Love

Me: okay guys, hold on, let me get set up. Alright, when I count to three, you're gonna open--
Kaylee & Loren: *opens basket*
Doves: we're freeeeeeee!!!
Kaylee: GAHHHHH!!!!
Me: oh shit *clicks and holds down shutter* --> click click click click click click
Me: I got it!!! hahahaha Kaylee you have the best expression ever!
Kaylee & Loren: *comes over to see camera screen*
Kaylee & Loren: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Stay tuned for a full post from this wedding!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating 1 year of life, from a different perspective!

(with reaction)

Isle Media decided to bring the cinema concept to keiki parties and recorded the proud parent's reaction to watching their video for the first time. I think by looking Sunshine and Tio's faces, you can tell that they definately felt something. Sometimes in life we tend to look over the simple things, but cameras are beautiful in that they capture these these moments in a way you never imagined.  It's so rewarding to see the instant joy on their faces.  Thank you for having us there to film your baby and showcase at your 1st birthday party reception. The aviation museum was spectacular! -Alan

(without reaction)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Mom's Wedding!

11/11/11 was a very very popular day of having a wedding all over the world. The Isle Media Team had two weddings in both Maui and Oahu, and Alan, Jack and I shot a beautiful wedding in the east side of the Oahu island in Waimanalo. Leanne, the bride, was such a beautiful mom with full of joy! Here is a picture of the special day. More pictures from this wedding will be coming soon!

~ Kay

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Bling

Here's a sneak peak from our 11/11/11 Maui wedding ! Kaylee's sandals and wedding ring both had "bling" status, so I felt it was only fitting to photograph them together for the ring shot :) More posts to come from this wedding!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aimee & King-Ming Engaged!

Next August, Isle Media will be shooting Aimee & King-Ming's wedding on the North Shore! Aimee & King-Ming live in California, so we were all pretty excited when they called us last month and told us they'd be in town for an engagement shoot! Kay and I met up with them at Magic Island, and finished the shoot at St. Andrew's Cathedral, where we got a healthy dose of trade showers. After the shoot, we hit up Rainbow Drive Inn, and man, did those plate lunches hit the spot! Thanks again to King-Ming & Aimee for being such an awesome couple to work with! We'll see you folks in August!

-Reese & Kay

Monday, November 14, 2011

Healani & Glenn Married!

This past September,  the entire Isle Media crew documented Healani and Glenn's wedding out on the North Shore! It was nice to have everyone on-site, and we were able to use our new, Motorola earpieces & walkie talkies! Got to feel like FBI agents for a few hours :D

I usually am able to get a few good shots of kids during a wedding. This wedding was different. The kids were all over the place, and it seemed like every time I turned around, one of them was doing something so memorable that I had to take a photo! You'll see what I mean when you look through this post :D

In addition to a wonderful sunset and an awesome DJ/Emcee, Healani and Glenn knew how to have a good time, and it made our jobs quite easy to document their special day! Congratulations you two!


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here's a quick group photo of the guys from Healani & Glenn's wedding! Perspective is a really cool element to play around with, and I decided to use a special wide angle lens (thank you Kay!) to create a 3D effect in this image. Stay tuned for a full post from this wedding!


Editing a little out of order, but Seini & Brandon's wedding took place back in September. It was our first time experiencing a Tongan wedding that we sure will never forget. Enjoy the full highlights reel! Congratulations. Alan ps- there is a secret surprise ending if you can handle!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dave Reacts to the Reaction : )

Kat and Dave were married at a private North Shore Luxury Balinese Estate, which set the perfect mood for their special wedding day. It was a unique and intellectual audience. Lots of doctors, nurses, and paparazzi. : )

As cinematographers, our goal is to uncover raw human emotion and have that resonate throughout our piece. Angles, picture clarity, stability we can control...laughter, smiles, tears we cannot. Didn't need to tell them much as what to do or anything...Kat & Dave brought all the magic on their own. It was an honor to be able to capture that magic and have that be shared with everyone at the same evening of their reception. Reliving the days events soon after it just happened, is truly exhilarating to say the least.

Below you can watch midway for their reaction to their Same Day Edit! Classic ! : ) Congratulations!

-Alan & Jeff.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Kids are one of my favorite subjects to photograph during weddings. Why? They bring a certain honesty to the whole story. Kids have the precious gift of curiosity, and it will guide them to do some very memorable things during weddings . I shot this image during Healani's wedding out on the North Shore. After the ceremony, a few of the kids decided to go exploring along the beach, and happened to walk right into the sunset light...the scene was begging me to shoot photos. And I did.

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Tuesday!