Friday, November 30, 2012

Before and After of Sheri!

Hey everyone!  Here is our bride Sheri's before and after picture at the Sheraton hotel bridal suite.  Her look is polished without making her feel like she's wearing a stack of makeup.  You look beautiful Sheri! :) 

Check out her SDE video here, and the full wedding photo post here.  Enjoy!!

Blog: Zairrah
Makeup & Hair: Zairrah & Isle Media beauty team

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sheri & Matts' Same-Day-Edit at the Sheraton Waikiki!

Sheri and Matt are one of the most playful couples we have ever worked with! Sheri decided to surprise Matt with a new set of rims for his truck. As Matt went down to the valet to see his wedding gift, the reaction we captured was priceless.
Congratulations to you both!

Isle Media Triple Service!

Jack // SDE, videography
Trevor, Danny // videography
Reese, Kay // photography
Zairrah // Hair/make-up

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Staci and Brendon Same-Day-Edit ! (Hawaii Prince, Waikiki)

For the first time, Isle Media went on a video excursion to the golf course....because Brendon LOVES golf. :) After spending an evening with them at their rehearsal dinner, I came to realization how close they are to all of their friends and family. What a huge bridal party!
Thank you and congratulations Staci and Brendon!
Alan, Rhoda // SDE, Videography
Trevor, Lester, Travis // Videography

Monday, November 26, 2012

Grace and Daniel Engaged!

Grace and Daniel came to their engagement shoot, all dressed in style! The couple went for a retro look, which fit quite well with the old architecture of the shoot location: Chinatown. The matching Vans shoes was also a nice touch :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Lester (lighting assisting) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Isle Media New Photo Album!

Isle Media is excited to announce that we just started offering newly designed photo albums for wedding pictures! The size is 10 x 10 inches, 20 pages long, and it comes with a custom designed cover on it. You have a choice of either a cushion-covered album for nice feel, or a hard-covered album for more durability.

The album order is accepted both before and after your wedding. If you would like to select specific photos to be used in the album, you may choose the photos after you receive our final photo product on a DVD/flash drive. 

If you are interested in the album service and want to make an order, please contact us at

- Kay (album design & blog)

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Isle Media Holiday Video. Come get to know us!

Being that its the holiday season and all, what better time then now then to reflect on everything we are grateful for.  I've come to the realization that Isle Media is more than just a job to us.  We are a family.   Our shared passion for media and art binds us like glue. Whether we are out in the field shooting, or in the office editing, we cherish every moment we have being able to do what we love every single day.

Today, it was our turn to be in front of the cameras. In which most of the time, the Isle Media boys ran away from me saying... "DAD, THE CAMERA IS MAKING ME FEEL AWKWARD!!!" Our goal in this piece is that even though we are almost always serious at work, every now and then, we enjoy cutting loose and having fun.

Canon meets Nikon. Photo meets video. Old school meets new school. Reinventing ourselves. Special thanks to the entire team for all of their hard work! We have some new faces!!! : )

Videography // Alan, Jack, Trevor, Michael, Vanessa, Travis
Photography // Reese, Kay, Lester, Daren
Hair/Make-up // Zairrah, Meileen
Editing // Aly, Rhoda

-Alan and the entire Isle Media Ohana.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christina and Chris Engaged!

When I met Christina and Chris I was delighted to know that they wanted to do an engagement shoot with me.  We began our at a park and then went to Secret Beach in Ko'olina which was different for them because they rarely trek out to the west side of Oahu.  They had a lot of fun as well and enjoyed the fresh scenery. I hope you all enjoy these just as much as I did while taking them.

Photography/Blog: Lester

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jackie and Dereks' Same-Day-Edit at the Halekulani!

Jackie and Derek LOVE their dogs. So much that they wanted that grab some family photos with them pre-ceremony. :) One of the things that Jackie wished for on her wedding day was a beautiful sunset. I think she got more than what she ask for, apparent in the gorgeous orange and yellow hues we were able to capture in video. Epic!
Thank you Jackie and Derek for having us. We enjoyed sharing our same-day-edit with your reception.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Isle Media Winter Company Photoshoot BTS!

Here's a sneak peak at our Winter-themed company shoot that we did this past weekend! Everyone came together for formal group photos and a concept music video (all done in-house) that involved a black and white vibe, along with lots of fog! Stay tuned for the photos and video from the shoot!

-Reese (photography, blog)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cristine & Pat Married!

Working with a couple who know us already definitely helps us to capture a more relaxed and natural look! In Pat and Cristine's case, Lester and I were the photographers for their engagement photos, and it was SO nice to see them again on their wedding day :-)

Critsine was probably one of the calmest brides I ever worked with - she was so relaxed when we were taking pictures and videos during the getting ready shots. Maybe it's because Cristine and Pat has been together since high school, and they have known each other so much - very comfortable with each other :-) It was very exciting to see these two tie the knot!

Congratulations Pat and Cristine!

- Kay (photography & blog)
- Lester (photography)

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Kim's wedding day makeup and hair

Hi everyone, here is our bride Kim from the video we did here.  Kim exchanged her vows with her groom Clinton at the beautiful Loulu Palm Estate.  Her makeup focuses more on her defined eyes which are lightly smoked with hues of plums.  I added a touch of color on the cheeks giving her a radiant glow, nude glossy lips and of course airbrushed foundation for a flawless skin.  Her hair was softly pulled back with curls pinned up and away from the face to an elegant updo hair style.  White orchids were tucked behind her ear for a romantic look.  Meileen created a loose simple updo with unrestrained tresses, which looked flattering on these bridesmaids.  This style is perfect for any tropical beach wedding.  


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jackie and Dereks' Same-Day-Edit at the Halekulani !

Jackie & Derek Same-Day-Edit (Halekulani, Waikiki) from Isle Media on Vimeo.

Jackie and Derek LOVE their dogs.  So much that they wanted that grab some family photos with them pre-ceremony.  :)  One of the things that Jackie wished for on her wedding day was a beautiful sunset.  I think she got more than what she ask for, apparent in the gorgeous orange and yellow hues we were able to capture in video.   Epic!

Thank you Jackie and Derek for having us.  We enjoyed sharing our same-day-edit with your reception.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christine and Joe Married!

Instead of getting married at a hotel or beach venue that we see so often, Joe and Christine chose to have their wedding ceremony at a spacious vacation home out in Punalu'u, overlooking the ocean. From the Chinese tea ceremony, to the EPIC "Gangam Style" dance at the reception (which the entire wedding party did together), Joe and Christine's wedding was a ton of fun to document, beginning to end :) Congratulations you two! 

-Reese (photography, blog) Lester (photography)
-Alan & Jack (videography)

P.S Thanks Joe and Christine! The Filet Mignon was awesome!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"You make us MEGA happy." - Ryan : )

Meredith and Ryan have a BEAUTIFUL family. It really moved us to see the children so emotional during their ceremony. "You make us mega happy" - Ryan said during their personal vows they wrote to each other. We had such a great time shooting and editing this wedding. Love our jobs : )
Thank you and congratulations to you both!

Alan, Bodie // Videographer

Monday, November 12, 2012

Biggest Surprise - Derric & Danielle's Wedding

When Derric inquired with our company and told us his "big surprise", I could only say WOW! Derric and Danielle, and their bridal party flew from Seattle for this wedding - while Danielle was thinking it was just a vacation for them. As they arrived to Hawaii, Derric proposed to her, and then told her that he has secretly planned a whole wedding for them at Lanikai Beach in a few days!

Danielle saw her wedding shoes, dress, bouquet, everything on this day - pretty much every single thing was surprise from everybody! She also didn't know that her wedding will be captured by a videographer and photographers - so when the time came, Glenn and I stood in front of the door with our cameras in our hands, and waited her to answer the door! It was such an exciting start of the wedding shoot for us :-)

Thank you for letting us share the romantic surprise story. This is how they became a husband and wife in Hawaii. Enjoy!

- Kay (blog & photography)
- Lester (photography)
- Glenn (videography)

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doreen and Ashton // Married at the YWCA !

Doreen and Ashton had one of the most original ceremonies we have ever seen! The ceremony was held in the center of the courtyard at YWCA downtown. Instead of the traditional center aisle, Doreen and Ashton had a spiral shaped aisle setup! Super cool!

Congratulations guys!!

Jack // Videographer, Editor

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beyonce's "Love on Top" with a local girl twist. : )

Lillian approached us with a music video concept based off of Beyonce's worldwide hit, "Love on Top." For those who are familiar with this song, you should appreciate our Hawaii local girl interpretation. Thanks to Lillian for planning this awesome shoot, as well as the choreography for all of the boys!

This video was later used to surprise her fiance on the day of their wedding in Las Vegas.
To learn more about them, please watch their engagement video here:

-Isle Media Videography Team

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Doreen and Ashton: E-Session + Wedding Post!

Stylish, humorous, photogenic, energetic, quirky, and of course, crazy in love. That's Ashton and Doreen. These two were an absolute joy to work with, from the first image of their engagement shoot, to the final image of their wedding. Every step of the way, these two never failed to make me laugh and joke with them :) The couple went all-out for their e-session, with Doreen wearing a stunning white gown, and Ashton sporting his gray suit and pumas...model status, really ;) The shoot took place in downtown for an urban look, and all I can say is that we all had a blast!


-Reese  (photography, blog)
-Lester & Trevor (lighting assisting)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kim and Jeff Married!

Kim and Jeff were married at the Mormon Temple in Lai'e, and had their ring ceremony at Kim's parents' picturesque house next to Diamond Head. I'm always shooting weddings at hotels, so it was very refreshing to document Jeff and Kim's big day in a more intimate setting.

Kim planned the majority of the wedding, and being a wonderfully artistic person, she was able to put together some very memorable visual pieces. From the family photo tree, to the coconut piñata (that was incredibly hard to break open lol), to the delicious cheese table, to the upbeat drinks bar, to the bouquet that divided into several parts when thrown, to the pink retro getaway car, this ring ceremony was full of color and fun for everyone :)

Of course, the highlight for everyone had to be the helicopter entrance that Kim and Jeff made to the ring ceremony! Yes, helicopter was epic :)

Congratulations you two!

-Reese (photography, blog)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Ko Olina

Jun and Minoru, from Okayama in Japan decided to have a photo session with me for their honeymoon memories, and also to show to their guests at the wedding reception later this month back in Japan! Both Jun and Minoru love surfing, and they were super happy to visit Hawaii :-) They have such strong chemistry with each other - throughout the session, they were so much smiling and laughing with each other, and that made me super happy too! They encountered a honu (turtle) when we went to the beach, and it was cute to watch them pretending to be turtles :-)

Enjoy their cute & lovely pictures~! (Click "Read more" to see more pictures after the Japanese text)



サーフィンが大好き♬というお二人はとってもアクティブで朗らかなカップルさんでした。ビーチでカメに遭遇したときにはカメのものまねをしたり(笑)ジャンプショットもすごく楽しく跳んでくれて、撮影中はたくさんの笑顔を頂きました。ありがとうございます:-) これからも仲良し&幸せなご夫婦でいて下さいね。

(写真を見るには"Read more"をクリックして下さい) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

HiRemedy's hit single "Sugar High!" videography and edit by us. : )

If you recognize the singer in this video, he's actually Kennan Chung, the young boy in our first Isle Media ever, where we filmed him dancing fireknife. It's amazing how our two paths crossed again, him with his successful local band with our media company that is exploded in growth. We had a lot of fun merging our creativity with his vision. Thank you to all of those at Hi Remedy! Alan, Glenn (videography)