Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Isle Media Fall Wedding Compilation

2012 was an incredible year for Isle Media.  Our goal was to shoot 50 weddings.  We ended up shooting 125. As we take a look back at what we've seen and accomplished in just the last 6 months, we can only be thankful to all of the wonderful couples we met, the privilege of having traveled to some of the most exquisite venues in Hawaii, as well as the opportunity of capturing moments of a lifetime.

This is the final installment of a 4-part compilation series.  To truly appreciate this video and to see the progression of our style and growth, please check our previous collections below.  As past compilations have been themed around eloquent romance, this video is about raw fun and pure happiness.   As you can see from our couples' candidness they are oozing joy and love.  We hope that this video puts a smile on your face as well.

1st Collection (Summer 2011)
2nd Collection (Fall 2011)
3rd Collection (Spring 2012)
4th Collection (Fall 2012)   (This video)

Thank you!
Alan and the entire Isle Media Team.

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