Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michelle and Joe Married!!

Michelle and Joe Same-Day-Edit Video & Photo (Makena Beach Resort, Maui) from Isle Media on Vimeo.
Michelle and Joe are both long time followers of our work, and it was awesome to document their big day at Makena Resort on Maui! The wedding was full of memorable details, from the guri guri and gift presentation of glass beakers (Joe broke Michelle's beakers in school), to Joe's Audio Technica headphones while he got dressed. Oh, and Michelle decided not to take Joe's last name (Kwan) for obvious reasons lol. The reception was full of laughter and dancing, and "Gangam Style" and "Cupid Shuffle" proved to get people out of their seats and rock out on the dance floor.

We surprised Joe and Michelle with a Same Day Edit, and the debut of our new service, Same Day Photo! Check out both pieces for the full experience :)

Congratulations you two!!

-Reese (photography, blog) | Kay (photography) Lester (SDP Edit)
-Jack, Michael (videography) | Alan (SDE)

-Zairrah (hair/makeup)


  1. Thank you Isle Media for capturing our wedding so beautifully!! :) We love it! (Especially those funny, random Michelle expressions!)

    Haha, sorry to disappoint, but I actually *am* taking Joe's last name... I've already gotten various comments on Michelle Kwan the figure skater, lol.. oh dear.

    Thanks again!!

    -Michelle and Joe

  2. Oh whoops!! Sorry about that Michelle! I remember you telling me at the wedding that you didn't want people to mix up your name with the figure skater, so I think that threw me off lol. Anyway, glad you and Joe enjoyed the photos and video! you guys were awesome to work with!!

  3. Michael: I'm so sorry, I think I kept calling you Lester throughout the day. Thanks for all your help!