Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 2013 Isle Media Team!!

Alan | CEO/Founder
Alan first became interested in media through Youtube superstar influences including Devin Supertramp and Wong Fu Productions, whom he considers to be some of the most innovative and creative artists on the planet. Alan was inspired to buy his first DSLR camera, which eventually led to the creation of Isle Media founded on May 31, 2011. His story began when a previous co-worker asked Alan to shoot his first wedding with no formal training or experience. One wedding, led to over 100 weddings in a years time, having shot all over Oahu, Kauai, Kona, Maui and recently in Las Vegas and San Francisco. In addition to being Isle Media’s Chief Execut
ive Officer, Alan oversees the video, photo and hair/make-up teams. Alan hopes to one day release his own full feature film on the big screen. Pastimes include weight training, Bikram Yoga, wine and traveling. Alan holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Hawaii Pacific University.

Reese | Principal Photographer & VP of Operations Born and raised on Oahu, Reese has held a camera, from Kodak disposables, to Nikon DSLRs, all his life. During college, Reese gained valuable experience in sport, portrait, and event photography. After receiving his BA from Pacific University, Reese returned to Oahu and did extensive portrait photography for the University of Hawaii and had his work published in numerous print and online magazines. In 2008, Reese photographed his first wedding, and knew that he had found his calling in the midst of all the colors, spontaneity, and emotions of the couple’s big day. Since then, Reese has photographed numerous weddings in Hawaii and on the mainland. As Principal Photographer, Reese leads the photo team and also assists Alan with company management as VP of Operations. On his free time, Reese enjoys running and hiking.

Jack | Principal Videographer and Editing Director
Jack is Isle Media’s Principal Cinematographer as well as the Editing Director. Jack graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Multimedia, having studied motion graphics, videography and photography. In his free time, Jack likes to write, film and produce his own short stories. He also enjoys weight training and exercise so that on the day of the wedding he has all the strength to carry all of his video equipment (and Alan’s).

Zairrah | Lead Stylist Zairrah is a certified and an accomplished makeup artist and hairstylist.  She specializes in events such as weddings and has also worked on a variety of projects including fashion, print, runway, and commercial events.  With years of professional experience in the wedding and beauty industry, she is able to create any style her clients are looking for. Her passion and love for the art of makeup motivates her to make women feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Zairrah hopes to develop her own line of makeup products in the future.

Kay | Lead Photographer Kay is a well-traveled artist. She has been to a dozen countries, and hopes to expand her horizons by visiting more countries in the future. After receiving a master's degree in Arizona, Kay lived in Oregon, Thailand, Japan and now, Hawaii. Her photography experience includes travel journalism, commercial products, portraits, and weddings. Kay loves the documentary element of weddings, and her goal as a wedding photographer is to seek out opportunities to shoot weddings in various places, including the US mainland states, and foreign countries. When not shooting, she enjoys tennis, surfing, and riding motorcycle.

Trevor | Lead Videographer Trevor is currently finishing his BFA in photography at the University of Hawaii Manoa. He first started his photography career learning the basics of the dark room and black and white film. He brings a unique documentary style to the company, and has influenced everyone with his bold, handheld techniques when shooting video. When he is not shooting photos or videos, He is in the darkroom, processing his work the old school way, or  enjoying a good laugh and a beer with friends and family. He also finds it ridiculous to write about himself in third person.

Mike | Videographer Mike is the swaggest person on Isle Media. He dresses with style, and always walks with confidence. With a background in photography, Mike decided to explore the world of videography, and has since then, helped to bring a fresh perspective to the Isle Media video team. Mike owns an extensive collection of stylish glasses, and loves to play basketball during his free time.

Lester | Photographer Lester took up photography as a hobby in Spring of 2009 and learned that he loved taking photos at live events while transitioning out of the Marines.  A year later he started doing freelance with Oahu Publications; His work was featured in various news titles and websites which includes: Midweek, HiLux Magazine, Honolulu Pulse, and  Lester brings his extensive background in magazine and event work to Isle Media, and has relished the challenge of bringing his experience into his wedding work. Lester, aka “Icedcoffeeman,” can often be seen at his favorite hang out spot, Starbucks, drinking his iced coffee.

Travis | Videographer & Photographer Travis is Isle Media’s youngest member, although he is mature far beyond his years. As a student of Marynoll High School, Travis has the interesting dynamic of hanging out with friends at the mall one day, and then shooting a wedding the next day. He is naturally gifted in the arts, quickly picking up the fundamentals of videography and photography and applying himself while on shoots. During his spare time, Travis enjoys getting out onto the water and paddling with his friends.

Meileen | Stylist
Meileen is a licensed hair stylist and make up artist, and enjoys the creative artistry behind makeup.  She currently teaches makeup at the Bella Torre Academy, and when not doing makeup/hair at weddings, can be found styling for clients at fashion show events. On her free time, Melieen enjoys spending time with her two sons.

Rhoda | Editor Rhoda was born and raised in Hawaii and attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Leaving home wasn't easy for Rhoda, but once in San Fran, she had many opportunities to study various types of art from behind the camera. It was here where she found a fascination with the editing process, particularly with the ability to mold and build a storyline from a pile of footage and photos. Home is home for Rhoda, and so this past summer of 2012, after receiving her Bachelor's Degree in New Media / Web Design, she made the decision to move back home, and has relished in the challenge of contributing to Isle Media’s video post production.

Aly | Editor Aly was born and raised on the island of O’ahu, recently earning a BA in Social Science, with a concentration in Psychology, from UH West Oahu earlier this year.  With a background in photography, Aly decided to enter the world of videography and editing, which has allowed her to explore movement and sound, depth and emotion. Aly has found that the most rewarding aspect of her job is being able to piece together elusive moments, weaving sight and sound, to tell the unique and beautiful story of a couples’ wedding day. On her free time, Aly enjoys grabbing her surfboard, camera, or hiking shoes and seeking out an adventure.

The Video and Editing Team! (L to R: Rhoda, Jack, Mike, Vanessa, Alan, Travis, Trevor, Aly) 

The Photo Team! (L to R: Lester, Kay, Reese, Daren)

The Stylist Team! (L to R: Meileen, Zairrah)

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