Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marie-joue and Mark Married!

Marie-Ju and Mark from Isle Media on Vimeo.

What was most memorable about Marie-joue and Mark's wedding was that it was the most relaxing I have ever been to.  The pace of the day was unlike most days where the wedding day is chaos and stressful for everyone.  It was a beautiful setting where the couple and their guests was able to kick back, lie down, just enjoy time together at Loulu Palms Estate.  What made this day most fun were the kids at this wedding, they were so animated and full of energy which made wonderful photos. They were a definite reflection of Marie-joue and Mark who were laid back as well and so accommodating to their friends and family.

Photography: Reese
Photography/Blog: Lester
Video: Alan & Bodie
Hair & Make Up: Zairrah & Meileen

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