Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nina and Andy Married

Nina and Andy's wedding day was personal on many levels because I got to witness their beginning a new couple dating; this story goes back three years to when I first met her.  She planned a monthly slam poetry event where I served as the designated photographer.  Over time Nina would bring Andy and after meeting him and seeing how he held himself I was quick to tell Nina that he was good people and to not let this one go.  The wedding took place at Sunset Ranch in Haleiwa and though it rained heavily it did not disrupt their special day.  The festivities went on and Andy went on with his antics to lighten the mood especially during their ceremony where he asked the official if it was okay to kiss Nina yet.  It was a night to remember for me because as a wedding photographer you become part of the lives of people you photograph on their special day.  Such was the case for Nina and Andy's special day for me because I was there at the start and I was there for their new beginning.  Nina, Andy, when you read this I hope it shares how honored I am to be your chosen wedding photographer.

Photography/Blog: Lester

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