Thursday, November 8, 2012

Doreen and Ashton: E-Session + Wedding Post!

Stylish, humorous, photogenic, energetic, quirky, and of course, crazy in love. That's Ashton and Doreen. These two were an absolute joy to work with, from the first image of their engagement shoot, to the final image of their wedding. Every step of the way, these two never failed to make me laugh and joke with them :) The couple went all-out for their e-session, with Doreen wearing a stunning white gown, and Ashton sporting his gray suit and pumas...model status, really ;) The shoot took place in downtown for an urban look, and all I can say is that we all had a blast!


-Reese  (photography, blog)
-Lester & Trevor (lighting assisting)

From the spiral-shaped ceremony seating, to the couple's ballroom dance, to the seemingly endless laughter during formals, Doreen and Ashton's urban wedding at the YWCA and Indigo Restaurant was an absolute pleasure to document. Our very own Isle Media videographer, Trevor, was on the other side of the lens, being a groom in the wedding party! He gave a killer banzai toast at the reception that I'll definitely never forget :) Congratulations Ashton and Doreen!!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Jack (videography)

P.S The video highlights from Doreen and Ashton's wedding can be found here. Check it out! 

I love it when the wedding party offers their ideas for formals :)

Ashton's surprise slideshow for Doreen :) 

Trevor's BANZAI!! 

Doreen did a beautiful sign language dance for Ashton...

Congratulations you two :) 


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