Monday, November 5, 2012

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Ko Olina

Jun and Minoru, from Okayama in Japan decided to have a photo session with me for their honeymoon memories, and also to show to their guests at the wedding reception later this month back in Japan! Both Jun and Minoru love surfing, and they were super happy to visit Hawaii :-) They have such strong chemistry with each other - throughout the session, they were so much smiling and laughing with each other, and that made me super happy too! They encountered a honu (turtle) when we went to the beach, and it was cute to watch them pretending to be turtles :-)

Enjoy their cute & lovely pictures~! (Click "Read more" to see more pictures after the Japanese text)



サーフィンが大好き♬というお二人はとってもアクティブで朗らかなカップルさんでした。ビーチでカメに遭遇したときにはカメのものまねをしたり(笑)ジャンプショットもすごく楽しく跳んでくれて、撮影中はたくさんの笑顔を頂きました。ありがとうございます:-) これからも仲良し&幸せなご夫婦でいて下さいね。

(写真を見るには"Read more"をクリックして下さい) 



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