Saturday, November 24, 2012

Isle Media New Photo Album!

Isle Media is excited to announce that we just started offering newly designed photo albums for wedding pictures! The size is 10 x 10 inches, 20 pages long, and it comes with a custom designed cover on it. You have a choice of either a cushion-covered album for nice feel, or a hard-covered album for more durability.

The album order is accepted both before and after your wedding. If you would like to select specific photos to be used in the album, you may choose the photos after you receive our final photo product on a DVD/flash drive. 

If you are interested in the album service and want to make an order, please contact us at

- Kay (album design & blog)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Cover and book cover design is flexible. For these ones, I chose one side with a couple picture and the other side with accessories.

You can see how thick this 20-page album is - the top is the album from the side, and the bottom is the album case. The color of the album can be custom ordered as you like.

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