Monday, November 12, 2012

Biggest Surprise - Derric & Danielle's Wedding

When Derric inquired with our company and told us his "big surprise", I could only say WOW! Derric and Danielle, and their bridal party flew from Seattle for this wedding - while Danielle was thinking it was just a vacation for them. As they arrived to Hawaii, Derric proposed to her, and then told her that he has secretly planned a whole wedding for them at Lanikai Beach in a few days!

Danielle saw her wedding shoes, dress, bouquet, everything on this day - pretty much every single thing was surprise from everybody! She also didn't know that her wedding will be captured by a videographer and photographers - so when the time came, Glenn and I stood in front of the door with our cameras in our hands, and waited her to answer the door! It was such an exciting start of the wedding shoot for us :-)

Thank you for letting us share the romantic surprise story. This is how they became a husband and wife in Hawaii. Enjoy!

- Kay (blog & photography)
- Lester (photography)
- Glenn (videography)

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We surprised Danielle at the door being paparazzi!

 At this moment, she has not seen this dress on her yet. She was so excited to see it in the mirror.

She was excited to see how beautiful she was in the dress!!

Derric's first time seeing Danielle in the wedding dress he prepared for her. 


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