Sunday, July 1, 2012

BTS Photos from Kaena Silva's "Like Your Face" Music Video!!

Back in May, Isle Media collaborated with Kaena Silva on his newest music video, "Like Your Face." Since weddings are our bread and butter, it was very refreshing to work with Kaena on making his creative vision a reality! With the recent world release of "Like Your Face," (see video below) we are so stoked to show you guys the behind the scenes photos from the music video filming!

The video was a large scale production...detailed storyboarding and planning, multiple locations, makeup/styling, and a full video team. Alan, Trevor, and Glenn took the lead on this project, and pulled every trick up their sleeves for filming this video. The Kessler Crane, dolly, sliders, glidecam, tripod, and shoulder mount were all used to give a dynamic feel to the music video. Tasha Johnson took up the role of acting alongside Kaena, and did an awesome job of giving life and personality to her character. Nat Kim, owner of Salon Cookie Couture, provided a versatile mix of makeup and styling.  

As you'll see in this post, we had a BLAST collaborating with everyone on this project! 

-Reese (blog, documentary photography), Alan, Glenn, Trevor, Michael, Jack (videography)

cute props :)

Trevor and his duck face lol

Nat touching up the makeup on Tasha

Carrying equipment to the shoot location at Makapu'u

assembling the Kesslar Crane

Kaena working the camera! 

Alan pulling some moves in front of the camera ;)

Going for the WOW factor shots

Jack working the Kesslar Crane

Group shot: (left to right): Nat, Mike, Reese, Alan, Tasha, Kaena, Glenn, & Trevor

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