Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video+Photo+Makeup Blog from Kelly and Jay's Wedding!!

Alan's Blog:
Kelly first inquired with Isle Media over 6 months ago although her mother, Judy, took the burden of doing the bulk of all of the wedding planning. Judy and I developed a very close and lasting relationship leading all of the way until her daughter's wedding day (and onward). After finally meeting the Tong's and Berry's in person, they embraced the entire Isle Media team as if we were part of their family. Today, I call her "Aunty Judy" which she told me was the biggest compliment ever. : )
Kelly and Jay had a gorgeous wedding that took place across several beachfront Koolina resorts. Kelly and Jays' love for one another was transparent by the way they looked into each others eyes, which resulted in some most honest moments we have captured in video. They had this great way about disappearing into their own world, as if no one else existed except the two of them.
Congratulations Kelly and Jay!
Isle Media Videography (Alan, Trevor)
Isle Media Photography (Reese)
Isle Media Beauty/ Hair & Make-up: (Zairrah, Meileen)
Cake: A Cake Life! ///
Reception: Ihilani Resort

Zairrah's Blog:
Our beautiful bride Kelly was very sweet, gorgeous and very easy going.  Check out a before and after picture of her below.  Her skin was airbrushed giving her a clean and flawless look which is perfect for photos and video.  I added a good amount of highlight on her upper cheek to give her a nice bridal glow.  Her hair was parted to one side and loosely pinned back to add elegance to her bridal look. 

Reese's Blog
It was a wonderful experience documenting Kelly and Jay's wedding! The couple had their ceremony in the Chapel Place of Joy, a venue that has a surreal beauty all its own. The wedding was small and intimate, with a special flower presentation for Jay. After the ceremony, the couple rode back via limo to the Ihilani, where I was able to take some of my all-time favorite formals photos in the late afternoon light. The reception was quite special...I've never seen so many people (kids and adults) go up to the microphone to give speeches about the couple. There was also a Chinese tea ceremony, where the couple dressed up in traditional attire to pay respect to their parents with tea.

Above all, Kelly and Jay made the whole experience wonderful. Down to earth and very welcoming, our whole Isle Media team felt right at home with the couple and their wedding party. As Alan mentioned, Kelly and Jay have an ability of melting into their own world, letting everything else drop away. This allowed for some very candid and beautiful images, whether it was during the formals session, or the first dance.

Congratulations again to Kelly and Jay!!
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Alan and Trevor posed for a quick shot with the couple before heading back to the Ihilani for the reception...

LOVED Kelly's dress :) 

Seashell cake by A Cake Life!! 

Aunty Judy gave Alan a little present before the reception :)

Waiting for the kiss lol

Surprise hula for Jay!!