Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Makeup & Hair pictures for Sumer's Wedding!

Pretty in White!  Neutral soft tones for these lovely ladies!  Our bride in the middle, Sumer, looks gorgeous with her hair pulled back with a bit of volume at the top for effortless polished look!  See more pictures of these girls and our Isle Media Beauty Team, Zairrah & Meileen, in action! 
Sumer's bridesmaids are having a few laughs while waiting for the bride to get done!

Double tag team Zairrah and Meileen beautifying our lovely bride.

Airbrush is perfect if you want a longer lasting makeup application!

Meileen in action creating a beautiful low chignon hair style on Sumer.
Doing some finishing touches.

Adding a flower to the hair gives anyone a sweet look :)

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Isle Media Beauty Team

Blog by: Zairrah, Principal Stylist

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