Saturday, September 7, 2013

Liz and Skyler Same-Day-Edit (Chicago, Illinois)

For those may not know, Chicago is where I was born and grew up. After being away for nearly 15 years since I made my escape to Hawaii, I had to unique opportunity to return home with my daughters and of course....had to shoot a wedding while I was back!   Some of the things that excited me and our team, was that there were no beaches, mountains, or fancy resorts to work with.  Alternatively, we had access to some cornfields, a barn,  silos, and a donkey.  We loved it!  There was a lot of time in producing some the beautiful DIY (do-it-yourself) decor.  The pinwheels were so cute!  And, I've never seen a boutonnière as....voluptuous as Skyler's (lol,  but you rocked it!)  Liz and Skyler did not hold back in front of our cameras, and it was our goal to bring out the goofy, the passion, and lets not forget...the crazy (had to leave some of those clips out of this version, lol).

Congratulations to Liz and Skyler for an amazing day!

Videography //  Alan (SDE), Lester
Photography //  Chernivsky Weddings

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