Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jocelyn and RJ Married!!

I first officially met Jocelyn and RJ back in April when they flew to Oahu for their engagement video and photo session. We had been emailing back and forth about booking info for a couple months prior, and it was very awesome to meet the two of them in person! RJ was a total goof during the engagement session, and kept us laughing the entire time with his endless stream of jokes. Jocelyn was more on the quiet side, but I could tell she was the visionary for the wedding, and knew exactly what she wanted. These two have an adorable proposal story, so be sure to check out our engagement video here :)

Anyway, four months later, the Isle Media team flew out to Maui to document Jocelyn and RJ's wedding at the Maui Sheraton. This place is flat out gorgeous, and the wedding is easily one of the most colorful we have ever shot (this blog post is full color for that reason). Jocelyn's favorite color (purple) was the theme of the wedding, and it was very impressive to see it echoed throughout the day. Jocelyn and RJ had a HUGE wedding party, and let me tell you, they guys knew how to have a good time :) From the Tahitian dancing and fireknife performances, to the kissing challenge, to the open dancing at the reception, this wedding was crazy crazy fun :) Oh, and the Isle Media team got pulled onto the dance floor after we were done shooting to take part in the fun!!

Congratulations Jocelyn and RJ!! You guys rock :)

-Reese (photography, blog), Kay (photography)
-Alan, Michael, Trevor (videography)

Jocelyn's wedding gift to RJ...

A Gucci Watch!! 

Jocelyn and RJ's version of the Grand Entrance :)

Best father-daughter dance I've ever seen :)

The open dancing begins...

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