Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cora & Keoni // Kawaiaha'o Church // Pac Beach Wedding!

I've personally known Cora and Keoni for several years. First obvious fact, they have a beautiful family. Their sense of family extends beyond just the two of them, but is much larger, which includes their adorable children and close-knit friends. Crazy phresh haircuts, custom pink button downs, and a gorgeously decorated reception- all things that Cora envisioned for one of the biggest days of her life. Spectacular.
Keoni was the first to shed tears at their ceremony, and with all of the built up momentum, dramatic organ playing, who could hold back.
I'm so happy that video was something that you both decided to have capture your entire day, so that these moments can be relieved time and time again.
Your friend!
Alan (videographer, editor)
Travis (assistant)

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