Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Isle Media Team!!!

We spend so much time making others look good, whether that be in photo, on film, or with make up, and we figured we should at least get a couple cool shots of ourselves, so you know who's behind Isle Media :)

A big mahalo to the folks at the Honolulu Design Center for allowing us to use their store for this photoshoot!

Photos by Reese &
Alan (CEO, Principal Cinematographer)
Hello!  My name is Alan and I am the owner, chief executive officer and lead cinematographer for Isle Media.  It is my honor and privledge to have brought together some of the most talented artists in Hawaii to formulate what we consider a collaboration of creativity, imagination and hard work.  Our team strives for originality, unparalleled customer service, and superior quality in everything that we produce.  Clients have attributed Isle Media's success to our fun personalities and the fresh perspective we have on life.  More than just business partners, we have become a very close family.

A little bit more about me- I am a Hawaii Pacific University graduate in International Business and am currently mid-way through my MBA program.  My cinematography style is heavily influenced by polynesian culture, dance and performing arts.  I custom build all of my pieces specifically for each and every client.  I am truly grateful to have discovered the art of cinematography that has inspired and touched the hearts of a worldwide audience.  And we are just getting started. :) Thank you!

 Reese (Lead Photographer)

As Steve Jobs reminded us in his 2005 Commencement Address to Stanford University, "love what you do." I am fortunate to be in a profession that I absolutely love. Since I first picked up a camera eight years ago, photography has become both a blessing and passion for me, as it has taught me to be more observant and appreciative of the world around me, while also providing direction in my life.

Almost three years ago, I shot my first wedding, and knew from the get-go this was something that I wanted to pursue. Twenty eight weddings later, I am more inspired than ever by the emotions, the colors, the personalities that each wedding brings to my camera. By their very nature, weddings are essentially chaos (especially for the bride and groom), and I relish the challenge of making sense of this chaos, and communicating it in an elegant, candid, and visual voice, in order to recreate the day to the viewer. When my clients tell me that they cried after looking my photos because it helped them remember their special day, then I know I have done my job.

Zairrah (Lead Stylist)
I discovered the art of makeup through my mother’s palette of eye shadows and lipstick.   At a young age, I knew one day I would land my feet in the beauty and fashion industry.  Growing up, I learned how to apply eyeliners and lip gloss on myself and on friends and family members.  My passion and love for the art of makeup is what motivates me to make women feel confident and beautiful.  

Five years ago, I was certified as a stylist at Susan Page Modeling Agency and School.  After weeks of training, advancing my craft and skills, I was given the opportunity to work as a Lead Makeup artist and Hair Stylist at the agency where I developed a reputation for flawless skin work and ability to add color perfectly to enhance the client's best features.  I use only the highest quality of products including airbrush makeup that will keep our brides and their attendants looking fresh and radiant all day long.  

Stylists typically do not work closely with photographers and videographers, but from my experience I can attest to the added value in working as one, unified team.  Isle Media has made me feel like finally, I am home.  

Kay (Photographer)

I was only 10 years old when my father presented to me a very special gift- my first very own, SLR camera.  No one  would have guessed that I would one day become a premier wedding photographer.  As time passed, I grew into my craft and gradually came to the realization that photography is the path for me.  

My journey into photography began with the purchase of my first professional grade Nikon and a Zeiss 50mm manual focus lens.  Photography has opened up opportunities for me to travel to many exotic locations around the world, including  the "hidden heaven" in the Philippines and exploring the mysterious, long neck tribes in Northern Thailand.  Living in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful settings on the planet, there is no doubt that I have the dream job:  capturing the most beautiful moments in peoples' lives.  My goal is to provide images that will display various emotions and feelings.  I look forward to sharing my work through my unique, multicultural perspective.  

Jack (Lead Cinematographer)
My name is Jack Gao and I originally was from mainland China, having moved to Hawaii since middle school.  I remember when I was a child being fascinating by painting.  "What do you want to be when you grow up, Jack?" my teacher once asked me.  "I want to be a painter," I replied.  I would like to consider painting in the present day very much translates to digital media.  My subjects and scenery is the canvas, my camera is the tool that captures each moment the way that I intend.  

In addition to weddings, I also specialize in commercial editing. Alan likes to describe me as "a man of very few words," which is true as I prefer to express myself through my craft.  
Trevor (Cinematographer/Photographer)

I was born and raised here in Hawaii. As a child, I imagined myself as a firefighter or an explorer as I kicked back a pack of juice.  Art soon became a passion for me. I drew. I painted. I sculpted. And then I photographed. I enjoyed them all, but photography soon transpired into a burning passion that I never new existed.  I came to the discovery that pictures more than just images on a paper or screen.  There are emotions evoked and stories that needs to be told. 

Soon cinematography came along and introduced me to a whole new dynamic.  I was hooked as soon as I dove into it. I found a new way to tell the stories I come across.  Photography gave me the gift of seeing the world differently through a lens, cinematography taught me how capture it moving.  I love stories.  To listen and watch as one unfolds before me: Groom and groomsmen joshing around, the father giving his daughter away with joyful tears, family and friends celebrating a lifetime of love.  My name is Trevor Sakanashi, now lets share your story.

Lindsey (Video Editor)
Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I have always been a creative artist type of person seeking to find beauty and art in everyday life.  My husband of five years is in the Army and I have lived in places included Los Angeles, Savannah, and currently Hawaii.  While moving around, I earned a degree in media production and have been employed with various media companies as the lead videography editor.

I immediately fell in love with video editing because I am able to take footage, piece it all together in an interesting way to tell a story.  I discovered my passion for putting wedding footage together to make it feel cinematic and breathtaking using amazing love songs.  I am so pleased to know that our clients can re-live their wedding day their entire lives because of the products we put together.  

We look forward to meeting you!!!