Monday, October 28, 2013

Thailand/India Trip Part Three!

After receiving word that Alan's twin girls had been born, we quickly flew out to New Delhi where the hospital is located. Shankar, one of Alan's good friends from Nepal, picked us up from the airport and would be our guide during our stay in India. Over the next several days, we explored New Delhi, taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this bustling city. The traffic was some of the craziest we've ever seen...horns honking, cars crammed between lanes, motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic, and masses of people walking along the sides of the road!

Alan was able to visit his girls for the first time in the hospital, and stayed over to learn baby care skills from the nurses. The hospital was pretty strict about sanitation and having outside visitors in the ICU, so Trevor and I weren't able to go in until several days later, which was when I shot the photos of Alan and his girls at the end of this blog post.

We decided to make the trek out to Agra, which is home to the famous Taj-Mahal! Agra is about 3 hours outside of New Delhi, so we had to leave the city around 3am to catch sunrise at Taj Mahal. The highway took us over vast expanses of land, dotted with brick factories and agricultural land. When we finally walked thru the gates, there it was...Taj Mahal. You really have to see it for yourself to appreciate its grandeur and scale. People from all around the world were there, taking in the this awesome sight, so it was definitely tricky to find open areas to get our shots!

Anyway, this concludes the blog posts from our Thailand/India trip! We hope you all enjoyed the photos! If you missed our earlier posts from the trip, be sure to check them out here:

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-Reese (photography, blog)
-Alan & Trevor (videography)

arriving in New Delhi and meeting up with Shankar...

At the surrogate agency

India's notorious traffic

Shankar tries out Alan's mkIII :)

rooftop lunch

sunset in New Delhi

Sunrise on the hotel rooftop

Shankar likes to reverse the car pretty close lol

At the hospital...Alan gets to see his girls in person for the first time! 

And this is how they fix traffic lights in India...

Hustle and bustle of the streets

3 hour pre-dawn drive to Agra, to see Taj Mahal! 

At the gates of Taj Mahal

exploring the city of Agra

Trevor and I get to see Ava and Addison for the first time! 

Homeward bound! 

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