Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our First Wedding Shoot in Tokyo!

Our first international wedding shoot in Tokyo, Japan!

Alan and I had an opportunity to shoot Yuka & Yasuyuki's wedding at Hibiya park last week :) I was super excited when Yuka first popped the question to me: "Are you by chance in Japan in October? We have a wedding reception back in Japan, and I would like you to photograph it as well..." Working internationally was one of my goals of 2013, so my answer was YES! This was our international shoot debut for both photo and video team.

The above photograph was taken in front of a busy intersection right outside of their venue. I wanted to incorporate the Big City feel into this picture with the motion from the cars passing by. More photos will be posted later on. Stay tuned!

- Kay (blog, photography)
- Alan (videography)

From left, Naoko (hair and make-up), Kay (photography), Yuka & Yasuyuki (bride and groom), Alan (videography) and Yasu (video assistant) 


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