Sunday, October 13, 2013

Amy and Gary Wedding Highlights (Kailua, Oahu)

We were a little reluctant at first when Amy and Gary contacted us regarding their destination wedding, planned to span across a whopping 6 days! Indian weddings were a little unfamiliar to us, however due to our personal connection to India (my twin daughters were born in Delhi, India this year), we felt compelled to accept the honor of covering Amy and Gary's weeklong festivities.
Amy and Gary rented private Kailua estates, which set the mood of their ceremony to be both intimate and elegant. We had a gorgeous view of Lanikai waters and muted skies, although stormy, ended up working out in our favor. A few highlights of the week were Amy and Gary's willingness to climb up Lanikai Pillboxes in their full traditional garb and they did so with such ease, barely breaking a sweat (lol)! We got a LOT of attention to say the least.
The following nights were filled with dancing, drinking, of the most delicious wedding reception dinners we have ever tasted!!! We were so happy to have truly felt part of the family, and not just an outside vender. Thank you for including us in everything, that was very special for us.
Congratulations Amy and Gary!
Our photography team will be posting their respective blogs in the upcoming days! Stay tuned!
Videography // Alan (edit), Kyle
Photography // Reese, Lester


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