Sunday, September 15, 2013

Berna and Mike Same -Day -Edit (Hale Koa, Waikiki)

We showed this same-day-edit to the reception last night at the Hale Koa. Much of the house were brought to tears, including Berna and Mike. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, how is it that our videos can have such an impact on others? What did we do anyways?
Reflecting to earlier in the day, Mike said something very profound to us in the hotel room. "...Alan, guys, you are part of OUR family now, so you all need to take a SHOT!!!! (lol)" As each wedding passes by, we are coming closer and closer to the reality that we do share a unique bond with our couples that in some cases will last a lifetime. For those that let us in, we will be family to you, you are a family to us, which is the entire basis on why Isle Media exists today. Coming from a small family myself, my only hope in starting this company was to have new friends, build lasting relationships, and be able to give to others. Our goal in our videos, is to capture incredible moments and bring out the best in people.
BTW, if you give me embarrassing, goofy, in other words... honest moments, you better believe it's going in your same-day-edit to show to a live audience. LOL !
Congratulations to Berna and Mike!!!
Photography // Lester, Aly (assist)
Videography // Kyle, Julius, Alan (SDE

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