Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shar and Danny Engaged!

I've known Danny personally for over 10 years, first meeting him when I was 18 years old   during my college years.  We came to know one another via an ad for a high-rise, penthouse apartment in Downtown Honolulu. I was dying to live there, but at the time I had no job, just a measly student.  
Danny was the property manager.  

My interview consisted of one question.

"Are you going to pay the rent?"  Danny asked me.  I responded with a confident "YES!" and there he handed me the key.  (...he must have known I was a good guy!!)

Little did we both realize, but we would remain friends for over a decade, and 14 years later, we are now getting booked to cover his big day.  We are all so very happy (and relieved, HA!) he is marrying Shar, a very talented local artist/musican/songwriter.   She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside (go Danny!).

Sidenote ::  Many of our followers know that I am one of the videographers for Isle Media.  Being that Danny and I had so much history, I decided to take a stab at their engagement photos.  Here is my debut as an Isle Media photographer.  : )

Congratulations to you both!
Alan (photography)
Lester (edit)

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