Friday, July 5, 2013

Johnelle and Kegal-Joe Married!

What I loved about shooting Johnelle and Kegal-Joe's wedding was their down to earth vibe and willingness to express their personalities.  Their wedding and reception that followed took place at Hickam Air Force Base's Officer's Club.  There were key moments through out their special day that stood out to me; like the emotional mother and son dance, Kegal-Joe dressing up in his mechanic attire while getting the garter from Johnelle for the garter toss.  My most favorite part of their wedding though would have to be recognizing the missing groomsman who could not be part of their special day because he was serving in Afghanistan; he was there in spirit as well as glossy photo cutout form.

Photography/Blog: Lester

Videography: Alan
Hair and Make Up: Meileen

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