Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Isle Media Company Shoot!

In light of our two year anniversary this month, we decided to gather the team together for our annual company photo shoot! We shot two themes...a formal black & white look, and a bold, colorful hipster theme. The shoot was done over at Foton Studio. Zairrah and her team provided hair/makeup for the girls, Alan and the video team filmed some BTS stuff for our May 31st showcase, and the photo team conducted the photo shoot. Below are the updated portraits for each member of our team. Enjoy!

Zairrah // Principal Stylist

Meileen // Lead Stylist

Ren // Stylist

Isle Media Beauty Team! L to R: Ren, Zairrah, Meileen

Alan // Founder

Jack // Principal Videographer, Lead Editor

Trevor // Lead Videographer & Photographer

Mike // Videographer

Vanessa // Videographer

Travis // Videographer

Rhoda // Editor

Aly // Editor

Sam // Editor

Isle Media's Videography and Editing Team! L to R: Row 1: Trevor, Alan, Jack. Row 2: Sam, Aly, Mike, Vanessa, Travis, Rhoda

Reese // Principal Photographer

Kay // Lead Photographer

Lester // Lead Photographer

Isle Media's Photography Team: L to R: Lester, Reese, Kay

Isle Media Hipster Portrait :)

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