Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ryder's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ryder!

As much as I like taking pictures at weddings, one of my most favorite events to capture is Keiki Parties! The theme of this party was "The Cat in the Hat" and there were many decorations of the character all over the place. The kids were so excited for the face paint and balloon show, and of course, the biggest entertainment:  the Hypnosis Show :D All the volunteers were SUPER funny! There was no shortage of laughter in the room...I was laughing behind my camera as well so much :-) I loved seeing great family getting together for Ryder's first birthday, and he received so much cerebration from all the guests. Here are some highlight pictures from the party. Please enjoy!

- Kay (blog & photography)
- Bodie (videography)
- Alan (video presentation)

(Click "Read more" to see more pictures)

Face Paint Time!

How do we look? Yaay!


Hula performance. Great job everybody! 

Let's take a group picture with your best Hula pauses. Cheese! 

Okay~! Now is the balloon show time! Who wants cool balloons??

Me Me Me!!! 

If you want a balloon, do everything you ask you to do! I will pick.... YOU! 
Come up for a competition!

Yay! Got a motorcycle :D Thank you dad for wrapping me with TPs! 

Balloon winners! Team effort! 

I want one too~! 

Yes! I won a track!!

(Ballon show presented by Chris Da Clown)

Are you ready for a Hypnosis Show!? Who wants to volunteer?

You won't remember anything from this... I am going to hypnotize you! And you will be...


And world famous ballerinas! 

Sleepy time~ Zzzz.... 

Great show presented by Greg Gabaylo

Happy Birthday Ryder! 

Today's DJ & EmCee from Balloon Twisters Hawaii

Thank you for coming~!

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