Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jackie and Cole Married!! // Photo+Video Highlights

Highlights Video just added!  Enjoy!!

What a couple :) From the first photo of their engagement shoot, to the last image of their wedding, Jackie and Cole have been an absolute joy to work with! These two have such animated personalities, while also being incredibly down-to-earth people. Jackie and Cole's big day at the Hale Koa was a wonderful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. For the traditional side, Jackie wore the wedding dress that her grandmother got married in. At the reception, there were wedding photos of past generations from both families. Bringing in the contemporary side, Jackie and Cole had a high-energy wedding party entrance, and a stylish bride-groom dance with sunglasses :)

Blue and white. Adorable kids. Crazy wedding party formals. Bubbles at the ceremony. A very very photogenic wedding party. Tears and laughter at the reception. The Kolohe Corner. A fully-stocked candy bar. The shoe game. A cake fight. Passing around the couples kiss. And of course, Jackie and Cole :)

Congratulations you two!!  (please be sure to click on "Read More" for the full blog post!

-Reese (blog, photography), Kay (photography), Alan, Glenn, Michael (videography)

The Kolohe Corner! This is a favorite tradition of the Lau family (Jackie's side), and it's essentially a mini studio where people can goof off in front of the camera.

Studio set up by David Lau, photos by Kay!


  1. Reese, these are so awesome! Thank you, Isle Media, for doing such a great job! We had an amazing time working with the crew and we are going to treasure these pictures forever.

    Jackie Patterson :)

  2. Jackie! It was our pleasure! Thank you for having us at your wedding!
    Congratulations again to you and Cole!!

    -Reese & the Isle Media team