Friday, June 15, 2012

Make-up for Zooey Magazine Publication!

Destination Vacation to Hawaii 

Outside of weddings, I pursue model work as a way to push my creative side. The locations, the colors, the details, I love it! For this particular shoot, the theme was a 1950's vintage look. The make up I did reflected this theme in its color and style. I focused on creating a clean face, to bring focus to the eyes and lips. I did a winged eye-liner for the eyes, and a bold, red approach to the lips.

So blessed to work with these amazing and talented group of people!  It was a long day that paid off...we got a 10-page spread on this! You can check out the images on the magazine website here. Thank you Zooey Magazine!

-Zairrah (makeup, blog)
-Photography: Harold Julian, Fashion Stylist: Geremy Campos, Makeup: Zairrah, Hair: Ryan Jacobie

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