Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Collection Spring 2012 !

A client once told me that because I am not married myself, I will never understand a wedding the way she does. ...Well, I kind of...disagree (at some weddings I think I actually care more than the clients, LOL) : )
The entire Isle Media videography crew is actually....unmarried AND single (ha ha ha). But we like to think that our bachelor status gives us an edge that no one can really touch. On the outside, we are just a bunch of media junkies that spend our free time watching online tutorials and looking up the latest DSLR gear. On the inside, we are hopeless romantics that live to witness perfect love that all of our clients seem to have. With some of us having experienced some rather devastating break-ups in recent history... lets just say our personal heartbreak has created a special bond between one another, and strengthened us as a whole. It's ok. Love is patient. The time will come. Just not now. Meanwhile, what we don't have for ourselves, we unselfishly want for you.
This goes out to the one that got away....
Special thanks to all of our Jan-May 2012 couples:
Vanessa and JP
Jackie and Cole
Kristen and Chad
Joy and Aaron
Linda and Ray
Shino and Akina
Vera and David
Ka'eolani and Justin
Shannon and Ryan
Marcela and Gabriel
Danielle and Michael
Renee and Jason
Kelsey and Peter
Jennifer and Justin
Megan and Bryan
Sabrina and Dan
Anna and Ryan
Rhyllah and Kendall
Renee and Jason
(Btw- This piece took over 24 hours spread over the course of 3 days to put together. With so much moving footage it really was hard compose everything while still being able to tell a story. ...I've been dreaming about editing to this song for about 8 months.)

Please enjoy everyone and thank you!
Alan (blog, edit, shooter), Jack/Trevor/Glenn/Michael (shooters)

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