Monday, April 9, 2012

Vanessa and Noel Engaged!!

I swear Ko Olina has this lure for engagement photos :) Vanessa and Noel's session was my fourth time shooting at Ko Olina in the last 3 months (the location was requested by all four couples). As a photographer, shooting at the same location presents the challenge of making each session unique and different. However, Vanessa and Noel helped me out a lot by bringing some cool props, including heart-shaped blackboards and custom-made iphone covers! You'll notice that this shoot has a focus on those little details that made the whole session memorable :)

I gotta give a ton of credit to Vanessa for thinking of those props, and to Noel for wearing a suit at the beach!! You guys rocked the shoot...thank you both and congratulations!!

-Reese (photos), Kay (assistant)


  1. Reese & Kay,
    Thank you so much for making our engagement memorable and being so patient with the both of us.

    We couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out :)

    Noel & Vanessa Jacinto

  2. Vanessa they are so beautiful I am so happy for u congrats

    Amber Dompierre :)

  3. Amazing!!! I love how these pictures captured your true happiness. May God bless the two of you with an eternity full of love and bliss.

    Congratulations again to the both of you!


  4. Gorgeous photos <3 Im so happy for you both :)


  5. Noel & Vanessa,

    Thank you very much for letting us be in part of your day :-) You both look SO happy with each other! I love all the photos, especially the ones with the heart back boards. Great idea Vanessa!


  6. reese!! awesome pics!! I LOVE the ones where the couple is face to face...the natural light one and the one with the off camera lighting...softbox? or the homemade soft box you made? whatever it is...SO inspire me!!


  7. Great Pictures!!!! Noel, if wasn't for the name posted, I wouldn't know was u out of that dang clean blue uniform ;), Love these pics!!!!!!!!