Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shelly and John married!

Wedding withdrawals= when days, weeks, months pass, and you are STILL playing back your wedding in your head, or relieving the moment through video. Shelly joked about how she saw her video 3 times in a row, but I watched it about 12. I believe that if wedding withdrawal was was a medical disorder, I definitely would have it. : ) 

Something great about working with Shelly and John, is that they are genuine, honest and fun loving people. Like most, they were not super thrilled about being thrown in front of cameras for a full day, but after watching their highlight, you would have no idea. Their laid-back and easy going nature allowed us to do what we do best, bring out and enhance the best emotions of their day. 

Congratulations John and Shelly! You two were amazing! Thank you for everything.


PS- Shelly confessed that she has a little thing for Hello Kitty.  Please look for her cameo.  : )

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