Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sabrina and Dan : Love is a Big Deal

As this is my first blog/write up, I’ll introduce myself first… Hi, My Name Is Trevor (:

I’ve got nothing to say but the good laughs I’ve had with this couple. They exuberated fun, laughter, and happiness. Sabrina and Dan are just pure joy. Friends and family came to have a good time and did they have a good time. As we worked/rejoiced with the Dan, Sabrina, their friends, and their family, what came to my mind was that,

“Love is a big deal.”

Thanks to you, Sabrina, Dan, and your fun and beautiful family.

Alan (cameraman)

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  1. Trevor!!! This is so awesome!!! Our friends and family are all so stoked to have this video to watch! Especially the ones that couldn't make it. They all keep raving about what a great video this is. Really well done, thank you so SO much for your creativity and professionalism!!!
    These guys at Isle Media ROCK!!!
    Sabrina & Dan