Friday, April 27, 2012

Heroes in Love

Sometimes I get worried when brides do not tell me what they want, or they don't seem to know what they want.  However after hearing Kristen's friends describe her as unselfish, kind and all made sense.  "Kristen always takes care of everyone, she always puts everyone else first."  Even if its on her own wedding day.    Chad's friends described him to be Kristen's protector, "she'll always be safe with him" and love her forever. 

As being proud serving members of the Military, both Kristin & Chad exemplify the model US soldier- humble, courageous, and extremely grateful for their friends, family, and love they have for one another.  They survived over five long-distance years of being together and here they were getting finally married. How fortunate we were to shoot their beautiful wedding and share with them their SDE at the end of the night.
Thank you!
Alan (shooter, edit), Jack/Glenn/Michael (shooters), Reese/Kay (photography)

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