Monday, April 23, 2012

Isle Media has a cameo on television !

 Last year Olivia approached Isle Media to inquire if we would be interested in collaborating for a music video. Being that we had no experience in shooting a music video at all, I decided that I would take her up on her offer and in exchange, gain some experience. Olivia brought a compelling story about the hardships that spouses of service members have to endure during lengthly and courageous deployments, not to mention, an amazing original track and a very detailed concept and storyboard. After Olivia's presentation of her ideas, I was convinced that this was going to be a project that Isle Media would fully invest into. 4 months later, 20,000+ (and growing) youtube views, spotlights on the local and national news , and then to top it off, a news interview with our footage being featured on public television!  In collaboration with Olivia's ingenious editing and vision, we created something very special that a universal audience is appreciating!   Please enjoy our first music video, "There we go again" by Olivia Perez-Breland (



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