Sunday, March 18, 2012

Megan and Bryan Wedding Highlights (Full Version)

We are so used to weddings being all about the bride and groom. Megan and Bryans' priority however, were taking care of their guests. Their modified reception program was short and to the point. No bouquet/garter toss. No drawn out speeches. "oh no...we can't be cutting into our dancing time!" Megan laughed about with me several days prior to her wedding. 

It was very clear that everyone had the time of their life. For many, they traveled from far away and across an ocean to share this special day with Megan and Bryan. Even the whales came to visit, who were playing and dancing in the water directly in front of Olowalu Plantation! Yes, everyone seemed to be a consensus that Maui was indeed, a magical place that will be hard to ever forget. Smiles, laughter, everywhere. What an easy bunch to film. : ) 

Please enjoy the full version of the highlights everyone!

Alan (shooter, edit)
Trevor (shooter)

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