Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Nate's mom first called me and mentioned they might possibly interested in videography, their first concern was that there was wasn't going to be a big reception, no hotel to get ready in, and the wedding was going to be a very small, private... not to mention... last minute affair. (lol) 

Imagining a wedding video without access to the typical amenities, most wedding videographers would consider to be rather problematic. For me, this was a wedding I very much looked forward to, it would be a true test of whether I could successfully do my job: capturing the essence of their day that Nate, Rebecca and family would appreciate. After some days of deliberation, the family opted into hiring us, trusting that we would make all of the magic happen utilizing what we had at hand- beauty in its most simple form. It's not visible to everyone, but it surely is visible to me. 

There is a long list of wedding songs that I keep in my arsenal, "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of a Sun was one of them, as I hope you can see, even the intro of the video matches beautifully with the keyboard that Nate is playing. Music, as Nate and Rebecca mentioned prior, was a very big part of their lives. So I knew I had to incorporate it. My other favorite moment was the placing of the fresh flower crown, also known as a "Haku." Not all brides could pull this look off, but Rebecca fitted into her Haku rather elegantly. 

I hope you both enjoy this video Nate and Rebecca. Congratulations!

Alan (shooter/edit) & Trevor (2nd shooter)

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